Mobile Video 2015: A global perspective - Research and Infographic

The IAB US Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, in conjunction with 23 other IABs around the world, sought primary research that will compare and contrast the role of mobile in the lives of consumers around to world for mobile video usage.

A 20 question survey was designed and fielded in 24 markets

In each market 200 consumers who were 16 plus, owned a smartphone and watched either short or long mobile videos.

All respondents were asked the same questions – frequency of watching, genres of mobile video watched, Where they watch mobile videos, when they watch them, how they watch mobile video, do they share mobile video and whether they see any ads while watching mobile video.

Fieldwork took place from the: 14 April to 11 May 2015.

Throughout the deck, slides have been created by looking at 1) Total global scores (all markets combined) 2)Regional scores, 3) Market level scores.

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