Marketers turning to agencies for digital marketing needs


Agencies are reportedly spending much more time on digital marketing this year.

Digital ad spending will overtake television next year, according to eMarketer's most recent estimates. This trend is already starting to set in, with agencies reporting that their clients are more interested in digital advertising compared to last year. 

Research conducted by Strata in February 2016 showed that over three-quarters of agencies are seeing greater demand for digital advertising compared to 2015, with just 19 per cent reporting the same level of interest and only five per cent seeing a drop in demand.

Agencies themselves seem to be stretching their ambitions even further, with separate research from RSW/US finding that agency executives - more so than senior marketers - plan to increase spending on a variety of different formats in 2016 - including digital, social and mobile. 

As the Internet of Things rapidly expands, this is a trend which is set to continue, with large investments expected over the next few years.