Facebook to introduce new-look newsfeed

Facebook to introduce new-look newsfeed next week

Facebook is to showcase a new look newsfeed next week, with many commentators expecting that the social network giant is going to unveil a revamped mobile version.

The firm is expected to show off the updated newsfeed to press at a March 7th event at its Menlo Park, California headquarters.

Newsfeeds show a continuous stream of wall posts, photos, videos and comments uploaded by users' network of friends. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg considers it one of the three pillars of service, which also includes search functions and user profiles.

As more people move from viewing Facebook on their desktop devices to smartphones and tablets, the company has geared itself towards "mobile first experiences", as it still lacks many of the features experienced when using the social network on a PC.

TechCrunch reported in January that Facebook was in the process of revamping the mobile newsfeed by getting rid of the blue and white design for something full-screen and image-based.

The last time Facebook updated newsfeeds was in September 2011 when adverts were incorporated directly into streams.