The Big Bang – Data Forum

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Thursday, 26 September, 2013
1.00-1.30pm registration & lunch 1.30-5.30pm event followed by drinks
IAB Offices, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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The explosion in data volume and complexity has left many in our industry challenged to capture, curate and analyse diverse data sets from multiple sources. Our data forum will explore these challenges across a range of disciplines. We’ll also share some of the findings of the IAB’s Viewable Impressions Research.  

1.35pm: Weve

James Hanscomb, Head of Data & Insights, Weve

1.55pm: OpenX 

Tamiz Uddin, Head of Technical Solutions, OpenX

2.15pm: AOL - Branding Big Data

Big data is the performance marketers dream, from analysing and optimising bidding strategies in DSP's to augmenting data and audience profiles in the DMP, your instant change in sales performance and the visibility ensures  data spend is 100% accountable and transparent.

But when big data is used for brand marketing, the traditional digital metrics of impressions, clicks and audiences mean success becomes far less insightful. In this short session, we'll explore the application and optimisation of real time brand uplift in the digital buying chain.

Leon Farrell, Product Manager, AOL 

2.35pm: Total Media - The Hype Cycle: Optimising Big Data

When a new and emerging technology is introduced to a market, it's usually off the back of a massive wave of hyperbole; from the Wii games console, to the recent hype surrounding Google Glass to any Apple product ever produced. The same can be said of Big Data, that much lauded technology hailed by many as the facilitator to revolutionise the media industry. However due to a combined lack of knowledge and in lieu of standardised procedures and metrics, Big Data - for some - is fast becoming the much hyped enabler, that enabled nothing.

Using Gartner's internationally recognised Hype Cycle, Total Media's Chief Strategy Officer, Lucas Brown, will identity the factors driving Big Data into the 'trough of disillusionment’ and examines how we can elevate it up to the 'plateau of productivity' – getting Big Data working effectively and optimising client’s campaigns. 

Lucas Brown, Cheif Strategy Officer, Total Media 

2.55pm: BREAK

3.15pm: Exchange Lab

Don’t believe everything that people tell you about data and everything that data tells you. It’s all very well collecting lots of it but unless you are collecting right data in sufficient volumes and asking the right questions  it is a waste of server space. Being cool with ‘Big Data’  is not just about gathering as much of it as possible and everything to do with understanding it’s context and relevance, looking for trends and patterns and then applying these data learnings in practical ways. Data should lead us to more informed decision making. Tim will discuss the merits of data within media trading covering the bid landscape within programmatic and  the merits of algorithms and data sets.

Tim Webster, COO, The Exchange Lab

3.35pm: iCrossing - Your Big Data Audience Opportunity

How can data be used to maximise the efficiency of your media buying online? Who are your best audience and where can you find more people like them? In the age of Big Data, this talk will highlight the opportunities of precise targeting of your online advertising by putting the customer at the centre of your decision making.

Sam Zindel, Data Strategist and Oliver Hughes, Senior Media Planner, iCrossing Digital Marketing

3.55pm Evidon - Tracking Insight Means Better ROI

With over 55% of tracking code on websites placed by someone other than the site owner, chances are you're not aware of all of the tracking happening across your properties. As a result, performance--and customer satisfaction--can take a hit. Analytics, from Evidon Labs, gives you unprecedented vision into all of the tracking happening on your sites and apps and how it all got there, so you can provide the best experience across all of your consumer touchpoints. Join Managing Director, EMEA, Damian Scragg to find out how to drive better results with new insight into the digital ecosystem

4.15pm: BREAK

4.35pm: Tagman

“Big marketing” – how brands can actively be using data to better inform their marketing practices and make better decisions from the array of information gathered daily. TagMan are the world’s first (and leading) tag management partners, working with a number of the world’s giants in the sphere of telecoms including Vodafone, EE and O2, plus travel and retail clients too. They help their big brand clients get the best out of their marketing budgets by using tag management to figure out which of their advertising channels perform best and how to make their advertising more efficient.

Sandra McDill, Global Client Services Directork, TagMan 

4.55pm: Quantcast - Connect the Dots: The Path to Conversion and ROI

Understanding how your online display campaigns perform and your customers’ path to purchase is critical to optimising your investments. However, with the flood of available data it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise. To fully understand how to measure your campaigns, it is important to clarify existing measurement shortcomings and then determine which metrics to focus on to drive ROI.

 In this presentation Phil Macauley, Quantcast's Managing DIrector EU, will explain:

  • The current challenges in understanding the effectiveness of online display advertising
  • How to apply a new approach to measurement to understand the metrics that matter when evaluating campaigns
  • How to better understand the value of reaching new prospects to drive 

5.15pm: dunnhumby - De-mystifying Big Data – what’s most important to your business

Data collection and analysis within organisations has tended to focus on driving operational efficiencies, rather than understanding the customer better. With more and more sources of data now available, how do you determine what is useful and what is not when looking to drive customer loyalty?  Ben Keylock, of customer science experts dunnhumby, investigates the opportunities big data provides and looks at practical ways marketers can take advantage of these.

Ben Keylock, Global Data Capability Director at dunnhumby

5.35pm: CLOSE & THANKS


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