Search 2017: 24/7 Search

Thursday, 13 July, 2017
Registration: 10:45am Conference: 11:15am - 5:30pm followed by drinks
IAB UK Events and Training Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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Search is going through a renaissance. It is the ever-present companion to users, and brands need to be ready to react 24/7.

Recent years have seen automation freeing time up for brands to focus on strategy, while also seeing Search elevated beyond text and screens into voice, offering many new ways to consider Search and its role at the heart of the marketing mix. With an increasing wealth of data going into and coming out of Search, there are opportunities for brands to pre-empt search habits and personalise like never before.

Search drives online and offline advertising spend for many marketers and this conference will focus on Search as a marketer’s power tool, informing wider strategy tailored to brands and marketers looking for answers.

Speaker include...

  • Sam Fenton-Elstone, Chief Digital Officer, VCCP Media
  • Harry Davies, Marketing Leader, Google
  • Eva Tuckman, PPC Director, ROAST
  • Jasdeep Mondae, Biddable Director, Performics
  • Rumyana Miteva, Head of Search, Secret Escapes
  • Aaron McGrath, Sales Director, Bing Ads
  • Luke Quilter, CEO, Sleeping Giant
  • Alistair Dent, Chief Media Officer, iCrossing & Nick Buckley, Group Head of Digital, L'Oreal
  • Jimisha Thakrar, SEO Account Director, MG OMD
  • Scott Abbott, Head of Global PPC, iProspect
PLUS roundtables from Google, Bing, iProspect, the7stars and Sleeping Giant.
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Aaron McGrath
Bing Ads UK
Adam Chugg
Alistair Dent
Jasdeep Mondae
Luke Quilter
Sleeping Giant
Nick Buckley
Rumyana Miteva
Secret Escapes
Scott Abbott

11:15am - 11:25am Introduction


11:25am - 11:45am I search therefore I am.

Search has become an intrinsic human behaviour. Consumer expectations for immediate gratification are more pronounced than ever before. This is manifested across our daily interactions, beyond just Google and brands need to consider how they can be found, and how they respond.

Sam Fenton-Elstone, Chief Digital Officer, VCCP Media

11:45am - 12:05pm Everything starts with a search

Mobile has forever changed how we live our daily lives. We use our phones to learn and do all sorts of things… At Google, we see this billions of times every single day on Search. People turn to search to get things done - in those critical moments when they need to know, go, do or buy. Search has become people’s go-to path to assistance. Throughout daily life, people just expect relevant, frictionless, and useful experiences, whenever and wherever they ask for it. Throughout daily life, people just expect relevant, and useful experiences, whenever and wherever they ask for it. And sometimes even before they ask for it.This isn’t just about how we’re engaging our devices. There’s an undeniable acceleration in consumer expectations for assistive experiences -- which transcends device or context. The great news is that technology is getting closer and closer to meeting these expectations. At Google, we’re now at an inflection point where we can apply vast learnings from almost two decades of search … We can bring together our deep understanding of intent, data and machine learning… to make consumer experiences more assistive and useful than ever before.

Harry Davies, Marketing Leader

12:05pm - 12:25pm Searching For Insights: Placing Search At The Heart Of Your Strategy

With search playing an ever-increasing role in marketing strategies, marketers need to be more and more creative with their approach in order for performance to continue on the same trajectory. Analysing consumer behaviour and search patterns can help with this, as well as knowing where to look for valuable insights that could help inform wider marketing strategy. Often, because it is so efficient, the default view of search is that it just drives traffic and sales, and its capacity as a research tool is disregarded. However, due to the accuracy and volume of data that can be collected, it can provide significant value in this respect. This session will give examples from various verticals where this has been done successfully.

Eva Tuckman, PPC Director, ROAST

12:25pm - 12:45pm Visual Search is the Future

Since the advent of the smartphone and apps, there has been an enormous shift in the way we communicate towards visual mediums. This is impacting the way we search both on traditional search engines and other platforms - in fact new technologies are fuelling this. What does the future hold for search and how can search practitioners future proof their skills as we move to a world of visual search? Join Performics’ Jasdeep Mondae to get a glimpse of the future of search.

Jasdeep Mondae, Biddable Director, Performics


1:30pm - 1:50pm Dynamic Search Ads – Reaching customers 24/7 with an automated solution

Dynamic Search Ads are a great example of automation that drives performance 24/7 and allows advertisers to free-up time for other more important activities such as bidding and ad copy testing. In this session, you will learn more about DSA, why you should be using them and how to best optimise them.

Rumyana Miteva, Head of Search, Secret Escapes

1:50pm - 2:10pm Refocusing search on emotional need 

We all know and see that consumers want technology to make their lives easier in more natural, human way, interpreting the signals and responding in the right ways.  Digital assistants are on the rise and this is driving how technology is interacting with people through search.  Join Aaron McGrath, UK Sales Director, Bing Ads to find out how search is becoming more pervasive, predictive and personalised.  Aaron will talk through the steps to equip marketers to be ready as search changes from an operational channel to a strategic customer engagement asset.

Aaron McGrath, Sales Director, Bing Ads

2:10pm - 2:30pm Search is back in town, again

With the easy access and low barriers to entry to social media channels, Search has often been seen as the less cool older brother of Social Media. However, the older brother is back down from his room having been furiously learning the guitar. The stage is set, and Search is ready to rock… again. We will look at; Voice search and the impact for brands  / Automation and programmatic  / Performance Vs Brand to see how the new look Search can rock out for years to come

Luke Quilter, CEO, Sleeping Giant


3:00pm - 3:20pm 22 Brands, 1 Search Strategy, Superior Business Results.

In today’s ‘C2B world’ the brands that succeed are those that take a channel-agnostic, customer-centric approach to marketing. That is why L’Oreal, in partnership with iCrossing, takes a ‘total’ approach to search; an approach that considers SEO and PPC as a single channel. This session will explain ‘Total Search’ in more detail and outline how complex businesses, like L'Oreal, can benefit by introducing a centralised strategic framework for search marketing. It will also explain how brands can use data and insight to transform their approach to search, content strategy, PR & product positioning to increase website traffic and revenue.

Alistair Dent, Chief Media Officer, iCrossing & Nick Buckley, Group Head of Digital, L'Oreal

3:20pm - 3:40pm The collapse of the user journey and the rise of visual search

Consumers by nature are becoming more visual with all the most time spent on platforms following suit. Search is a key part of this journey as is considering how the journey has collapsed in recent times. Using visual search is going to become a crucial part of your ‘storefront’ as behaviours change to adapt to a ‘see & buy’ mind-set. Mastering image search at the start will place your business ahead of the voice game.

Jimisha Thakrar, SEO Account Director, MG OMD

3:40pm - 4:00pm Marketing to the Machine

Consumers’ search behaviour is becoming increasingly complex as new technology becomes embedded into people’s daily lives. From voice and image search, to the IoT and Digital Assistants, the ways in which consumers search for brands, products and information is changing rapidly. With machine learning and AI creating new opportunities to become more relevant in the moment, how can brands take advantage whilst simultaneously setting themselves up for a future in which the consumer may not search at all, instead handing over control to the Digital Assistant and marketing to the machine?
This session hosted by iProspect’s Performance Media Product Director will focus on what brands can do today to capitalise on consumer shift tomorrow as these new opportunities move to the forefront of Search Marketing. Attendees will learn about changes in consumer behaviour, the do’s and don’ts for search marketers today and in the future, and predictions for how AI will continue to shape Search.

Scott Abbott, Head of Global PPC, iProspect


4:20pm - 5:30pm ROUNDTABLES

Delegates will sit at a table and discuss a topic for 15 minutes, we will then ring a bell and the hosts of each table will swap around so everyone gets 15 minutes of each subject. 

Audience - Google

Cross Device - the7stars

With the proliferation of connected devices, user behaviour is more diverse than ever before and the typical user journey increasingly complex. Yet it will never be this simple again. 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal. How are we able to understand this and quantify the behaviour in our reporting? Are will still under-valuing mobile even with cross-device metrics readily available? What are the challenges?

Has the “year of cross-device” come and gone without practitioners really understanding the reporting available and how to action? We’ll be discussing the experiences to date, challenges and solutions.

Preparing for the Now with Voice Search, AI and Bots - Bing & iProspect

AI and Bots are here NOW and there are actions brands can do to capitalise on this. You can think of Bots as the new apps and a smarter way to engage with clients and consumers.

Voice search will be 50% of all search queries by 2020, as the joint whitepaper between iProspect and Bing lays out, so what does this mean today, we will show examples that voice searches are happening now and that the majority of the queries are not Where searches you would expect but actually What and How (75% of all queries).

 A screen-less voice activated search world is here now with smarter apps using Bots and AI. We can help you navigate it and democratize AI so all consumers see it as a value add not the rise of the machines.

Voice and the Future of Search - Sleeping Giant

Roundtable discussion, expanding on what is going to come next within the search space. What challenges are faced for advertisers, what shape will Search take in the future and how will marketers adapt the efforts on the new battlefield. 

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