Digital Creative Sales

Tuesday, 23 May, 2017
8.45am Breakfast, 9.15am - 5pm Course
IAB UK Events and Training Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
IAB Member: £499 +VAT
IAB Non-member: £575 +VAT
Advertiser: £499 +VAT
A one-day course for advertising sales professionals who require a foundation to intermediate course in the digital creative solutions sales.

The course will give delegates the skills and knowledge to understand marketing needs beyond display advertising and how brands can use content and other creative solutions to engage with consumers. Delegates will be given training on how to measure the effectiveness of creative solutions and practice how to conceptualise and pitch creative solution ideas to clients.

1st Half of the day

  • Introductions and welcome to the IAB
  • The evolution of digital marketing
  • The Visual Web and Content Marketing
  • Principles of digital marketing and why content works for brands and consumers
  • Terminology explained - what we mean by experiential marketing, influencers, native advertising and other such terms
  • Talking the language of audience engagement 
  • Exercise - communicating the value of audiences and content


2nd Half of the day

  • Identifying opportunities for creative solutions - a four step guide to potential sales revenues
  • Thinking creatively in the digital space - case studies to inspire and motivate
  • Designing creative solutions - using your digital portfolio, content, context, timeliness and personalisation
  • Thinking about devices and creative solutions - avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Using creative solutions at different stages of the consumer journey
  • Creative solutions in the B2C and B2B spaces - linking with other channels, eg TV, OOH, Events
  • Measurement and reporting - communicating the value of creative solutions - understanding attribution
  • Exercise - devising creative solutions and winning business
  • Directed learning - resources for continued self-improvement
  • Feedback and close