Data and Creativity - A match made in heaven?

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Wednesday, 1 July, 2015
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IAB Offices, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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There was a time when the words Creativity and Data were never uttered in the same sentence. Data analysts and Creatives worked on the opposite side of a marketing campaign. People spoke about the advancement of big data killing off great creative, but is this still the case?

As our digital era advances it’s becoming apparent that brands are finding ways of marrying big data with great creative, and are producing engaging and targeted messages to consumers.  It seems we are on the edge of a big change in our media world where the ‘big idea’ and big data now must go arm and arm.

But do you as a brand marketer have the knowledge to unlock the potential in this partnership?

Come to our Data and Creativity event and hear from those who have committed to this relationship and have seen the fabulous results, with insights on where to begin and what works.

 2:45pm – Introduction – David Frew, Programmes Manager, IAB UK

2:55pm How to use data creatively to produce perfect personalisation!

A recent major global survey of marketers by Adobe asked them to prioritise one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future. “Personalisation” topped the list. So how do advertisers use data powered programmatic media to deliver personalised relevant advertising to consumers and what does this mean for creativity?

Glen will be providing examples of data empowering creativity in client campaigns as well as the media execution and results from  several well-known global advertisers.  

Glen Calvert, Founder & CEO, Affectv

3:15pm Data and creativity - friends or foes? 

Many advertisers are worried that the increase in data-driven programmatic advertising is a threat to creativity.  This session shows how data and creativity can work in tandem, drawing on real programmatic campaign examples which have creatively used premium digital formats.

Cadi Jones, Director of Audience and Programmatic Advertising, Northern Europe, Yahoo 

3:35pm  Finding the Data and Creativity sweet spot

Getting the perfect balance of data and creativity in a campaign can be challenging but when a campaign does hit the sweet spot the results can be fantastic. Anna will give her top tips on how you can find the sweet spot for each campaign with examples of campaigns that turned sour. 

Anna Foster, Data Director – TMW 

3:55pm Creativity and automation, the perfect match

David Hillier, Andreas Dooley and Ashwin Desikan talk about what their clients want, what they are working towards, how each discipline complements the other (despite some tensions) and how they work together to improve their relationship. A charming, geeky, fun look at the evolving relationship between creativity and data.


Andreas Dooley, Commercial Director, Ashwin Desikan, Head of Business Intelligence & David Hillier, Creative Product Lead, Adform

4:15pm BREAK

4:30pm Programmatic Creative: Brand Storytelling in Real Time

Effective marketing is both an art and a science. Programmatic technologies - the science side of the advertising equation - are all the buzz, whilst the creative – or art - side has taken a back seat. Dan will discuss how marketers are combining the power of technology with the beauty of creative to deliver compelling brand stories that resonate with their audiences and drive actions.  

Dan Robinson, Director UK & Nordics – DataXu

4:50pm  Creativity and automation, the perfect match

Why the science and art of advertising can be better together

Data and creative have historically been separated; art and science were just not seen as having a symbiotic relationship. However, with the influx of consumer data making its way to advertisers, marketers across many verticals including retail, travel, automotive and others, are looking to data as a way to inform two key parts of their advertising strategy, such as media and creative. Using intent data to inform creative decisions and ad delivery allows advertisers to market to the individual and tailor creative ad elements based on specific intent and interest-based signals. As a result, creative ads delivered to one consumer may look very different from another.

In addition to producing more relevant advertising, data-driven creative also allows advertisers selling multiple products or services across many markets to maximise budgets. For example, a retail brand could have a single piece of creative, but promote different products by optimising the images within ad.

Learn how search and site activity shows advertisers what their customers are interested in, and how to react with creative optimisation to improve the customer’s online journey. 

Ben Hayward, Director of Business Development, Magnetic 

5:10pm Dead behind the eyes: the danger of data without a meaningful human touch 

Watch out! The Automatons are coming! Quick - optimise everything. Pre-test everything. The almighty algorithm will tell us what to do. People just get in the way of this process.  It’s a very tempting vision for businesses. Make more money. Oooh, big data. Self learning. Hyper-segmentation. The problem is that it’s also a load of balls.  Until all purchases are made for us by computers, then human ingenuity is vital in a competitive marketplace.  This talk will sift through the things that computers are good at (essentially doing maths and stats quickly) and the things that people are good at (essentially being human). It will share how we can use data and creativity (we call it crossing signals) to find competitive advantage. It highlights the importance of being silly, sharing insights between people, testing new ideas and how humans are best at finding competitive edges. Unchecked, machines are very good at being creepy. Whether as baddies seeking world domination in films or simply lacking human sensitivity. Human sensitivity is a good thing in business. Intuitive understanding, ensuring emotional resonance and heuristic creativity. and not being creepy.  As computers get smarter, so too must we humans. Or in the words of a chum of mine at a recent conference: “If you don’t understand people, you’re fucked. You might as well outsource your job to Google. 

Dan Thwaites, CSO, TUG 

END and networking drinks  

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