Content and Native: Make, Distribute, Measure

Wednesday, 7 September, 2016
10am Registration 10:30 am - 5:00pm Event followed by networking drinks (timings may change)
The British Museum , Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG
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Investment by brands in content and native advertising is rising rapidly. According to the latest IAB adspend report, it accounted for 26% of all digital display in 2015 – 46% of mobile display. This is no passing fad and reveals a strong trend revealing digital media’s legitimate brand credentials.

Using the theme Make – Distribute – Measure, leaders and influencers will share their experiences and thinking around how content and native advertising is defining a new  chapter in the story of advertising. 

In this, our 3rd annual Content & Native Conference, the strengthened confidence in digital as brand platform will be clearly evidenced: Digital media influences what people care about as well as buy. 

Using the theme Make – Distribute – Measure, leaders and influencers will share their experiences and thinking around how content and native advertising is defining a new  chapter in the story of advertising. 

Now is the time that data and creativity need to be worked together to reach audiences with useful, relevant and entertaining content – at the right time. Interactive panel sessions and live industry features have been designed to draw you directly into the discussions on stage. 

This is an age when brands have permission to play new roles as they align themselves with issues their customers and audiences care about and where the opportunities to find even the most fragmented audiences, are waiting to be optimised. But it is a medium that needs planning for and managing in entirely different ways than for traditional media. 

The challenges to make it work effectively, efficiently and profitably for publishers, agencies and advertisers remain immense. Distribution across multiple devices, platforms and audience contexts requires the industry to galvanise around new work practices and flows. Creative concepts that attract and engage audiences need devising across teams and organisations in unfamiliar patterns. All stakeholders need to be involved in shaping this exciting phase of media and advertising development. 

Our speakers will be announced shortly. But make sure you book early to secure your seat and join the conversation on Wednesday 7 September at the IAB’s 3rd annual Content & Native Conference at The British Museum.

Adam Foley
The Guardian
Ally Stuart
Anne Shooter
Mail Online
Ben McKay
MEC Wavemaker UK
Mark Evans
Direct Line Group
Matt Cory
Telegraph Media Group
Nick Wright
Havas Media Group
Nimesh Patel
BuzzFeed Ltd
Tom Curtis
Zoe Harris
Trinity Mirror


10:30 - 10:45am Introduction and Housekeeping 

Clare O'Brien, Senior Industry Programmes Manager, IAB UK

10:45 - 11:05am Shared Stories 

The impact of social media on the craft of storytelling

Alex Wills, Executive Director, Content Studio, R/GA

Advertising is caught between two generations of creatives. Older talent with a well-honed craft, but mismatched with digital media. And younger talent that are digitally fluent, but are yet to find the right voice.
Creative leaders need to stop pitting the nostalgic craft of 30 second stories and well-kerned type against life in the stream and the march of bloodless bots. Creatives, young and old, need to reshape the industry by reshaping their craft.

11:05 - 11:25am Measuring memories not clicks

Zoe Harris, Group Marketing Director, Trinity Mirror

As popularity of native solutions increases it’s important that as an industry we don’t start applying old measures to a new way of thinking.
Zoe Harris, Group Marketing Director at Trinity Mirror, will talk through the importance of staying true to the origins of native – compelling content in the right context – and measure it’s success accordingly.
Drawing examples from recent Trinity Mirror Solutions' branded content campaigns, Zoe will illustrate how they approach measuring success in this somewhat unchartered world. And importantly, ask the industry, do the metrics of measurement really stand up to cross platform content or are we still measuring clicks for click’s sake? 

11:25 - 11:55am Trust - panel

Publishers are embracing Brand Content models as core components of their future revenue strategies. Fundamental to their success, however, is maintaining the trust of their audiences to accept advertiser funded content alongside editorial. At its simplest level, an advertiser/ publisher partnership is a trade in that trust. What is the foundation of trust between a publisher and its audience? Can it be quantified? Is it sustainable? What threatens it? Dominic Mills hosts this panel and asks, have we created a new media currency (or did it exist already)?

11:55am - 12:15pm What does an ad look like in today's evolving landscape?

James Hayr, Head of Partner Studios, AOL 

We work in the advertising business, not the ad business, however it's sometimes easy to forget that.

When we are challenged with creating a message for a brand it's natural to automatically think about making an ad. This thinking has worked within TV, outdoor, Underground and magazine publishing industries for years. For instance the October issue of Vogue wouldn't be Vogue without the 60 pages of high end glossy ads from Bond Street's finest at the front of the "book".

But…..the world is changing, and digital media is forcing that change. It's making the industry and the consumer question, "What is an ad?". Advertising is no longer constrained by the ad unit, the 45 second TVC slot. The message has thrown off its traditional delivery straight jacket and is free to smack the consumer between the eyes however it so wishes.

Having worked in the advertising industry for 20 years, I can honestly say I've never made an ad…and it doesn't look like I'm going start anytime soon.

Here's why…

12:15 - 1:10pm LUNCH

1:10 - 1:30pm Brands as Creators: The Future of Online Video Strategy

Susan Agliata, Head of YouTube Branded Content Solutions, EMEA, Google

By 2019 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video, and brands have an enormous opportunity to shape the future of entertainment by telling inspiring stories in new innovative ways.

But in this age of infinite choice, how can brands develop content strategies that tap into the passion points of diverse communities, while also staying true to their own equity, and larger marketing objectives?

How, as an industry, can we measure content success beyond the view, and ensure we’re meeting real business goals? 

This interactive session will outline the opportunity in reaching new audiences through online video, using data, insights and trends to develop actionable content strategies, and how to measure content success beyond the view. 

Interactive elements include polls and quizzes to reveal surprising facts about what people are actually watching online (it’s always unexpected...e.g. women watch gaming too!) when (peak viewing in content categories), and how (mobile video rules, average mobile watch time is 40min!).

1:30 - 1:50pm Fashion forward - how Simply Be made, distributed and measured.

Kevin Sewell, Senior Brand Strategist, Adyoulike with Larisha McGurty, Display Manager, Simply Be & Rob Smith, Head of Programmatic, Amnet

There is no doubt native is growing at a phenomenal rate and why we are all wanting to attend this great event by the IAB but with so much hype in the market where is the data. Adyoulike will talk us through a case study of how Simply Be, Dentsu / Amplifi and Adyoulike fused creativity & tech to drive engagement and sales. A real world example that pushed the boundaries with data to prove it! 

With Simply Be, Dentsu / Amplifi and Adyoulike all on stage talking through their respective parts of the make, distribute, measure theme. The brief, the previous campaigns that led to this point, the big idea, the make, the tech, the targeting, the data, the optimisation and the results. 

Great creative, great tech and great execution that will make you want start planning as soon as you leave the room!

1:50 - 2:10pm The Business of Branded Content

Kunal Gupta, Founder & CEO, Polar

Kunal will share new global research on how premium publishers are pricing, packaging and selling branded content, including pricing benchmarks, renewal rates, metrics, distribution trends and content creation talent trends.

2:10 - 2:30pm BREAK

2:30 - 2:50pm Creativity or Commerciality in Content - it's an "and" not an "or"…

Mark Evans, Marketing Director, Direct Line Group

2:50 - 3:20pm Panel - If you can't measure Native - will the bubble burst?

Attention, reach, effectiveness, engagement… pressure is mounting on the industry to establish standard measures and trading currencies that incorporate softer campaign effectiveness measures and move beyond viewable impressions, clicks and views. Can digital create its own version of a TVR? Are we facing radical changes to how we measure and trade digital media? Does the continued trend towards content-based advertising rely on finding these new measurement models? Dominic Mills chairs an industry panel to discuss how publishers, agencies and brands tackle this fundamental question.

  • Dominic Mills, Columnist, Mediatel
  • Genna Osler, Commercial Director, UK, Unruly 
  • Ben McKay, joint-MD of Wavemaker UK
  • Jennifer Brett, Head of EMEA Insights for Marketing Solutions, Linkedin 
  • Nigel Clarkson, UK Commercial Director, Yahoo
  • Adam Foley, Commercial Strategy Director, The Guardian

3:20 - 3:40pm The Audition For Attention: Distributing Content To The Uninterruptible

Ally Stuart, Strategy Director, Sharethrough

Content consumption has undoubtedly moved to mobile, with publishers seeing mobile traffic overtake desktop & daily mobile video viewing even beginning to eclipse TV (especially for millennials and GenZ).

Your phone is a personal & intimate device; it's how you communicate with loved ones & it might even wake you up in the morning. As such, it's not a place where people accept interruptive advertising.

So how should we distribute branded content on mobile?

This session will share insights from Sharethrough's recent GenZ research - how they consume content, what behaviour they expect from ads and how brands can play their part in the 'audition for attention'.

3:40 - 4:00pm BREAK

4:00 - 4:20pm It's a Chat Bot Revolution - the New Frontier of Distributed Content and Innovation  #BOTREV 

Stephanie HImoff, MD Northern Europe, Outbrain

The art of digital storytelling, publishing and audience interaction has changed dramatically in the past year. Every day there emerges a new way for publishers to converse and strengthen their relationships with existing audiences around the world, as well as opportunities to gain new audiences. Today we’re witnessing the chat bot revolution unfold and a new frontier arise as messaging apps become the new browsers and chat bots replace web sites and apps, but what will happen tomorrow and what will emerge as the game changers for content distribution?

Outbrain will deliver a talk on how bots and messaging will impact the publishing ecosystem as messaging becomes the place where audiences expect to access the content they love and trust.

4:20 - 4:40pm The Pursuit of Content Marketing Measurement




We live in a world where consumption is happening primarily across the social stream. BuzzFeed has become a true cross platform company helping customers to amplify branded content across multiple channels optimising for reach and frequency. Each channel can be thought of as a walled garden which gives rise to challenges when we try to measure the impact of content marketing campaigns. This session discusses how BuzzFeed is beginning to think about addressing this problem.

Nimesh Patel, VP Business Operations and Strategy - Europe at Buzzfeed

4:40 - 5:00pm Ideas and Eyeballs

Tom Curtis, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising UK, MediaCom
A great idea without a notion about how it’ll get distributed is only half an idea.
If the distribution is through traditional paid means only, then the idea is likely to have been created in a vacuum, with developments in content marketing and the realities of ad avoidance overlooked. If creative and distribution are irrevocably linked, then surely the result will be all the more powerful.
The aim of MediaCom Beyond Advertising is to always - and only – make content that has the connection in mind. Citing various case studies, Head of MBA UK, Tom Curtis will explain how this has manifested in highly successful campaigns. He’ll also talk about the implications for the future of content, the industry (and the creators and distributors within it), as well, of course, how measurement will improve and evolve.

End and Networking Drinks