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Wednesday, 28 November, 2012
12.00-1.00pm registration & lunch 1.00-5.30pm event followed by drinks
BP Lecture Theatre, British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG
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Big Data - harnessing the power of information
THE FINAL IAB CONFERENCE OF 2012: Book your place now to hear from those who are creating business advantage through big data.

The sheer mass of information available about consumers on the web is enough to scare marketers into ignoring it. But for those brave enough to confront and harness big data, there are large rewards. Join us to hear from those who are tackling these challenges and creating business advantage through big data: 

  • Hear from experts about the data channels available to marketers
  • Learn how data management has become a fundamental skill and a driver of bottom line business results
  • Recognise how big data can help you make decisions for your customers
  • Listen to thought leaders discuss why big data is the next frontier for innovation, competitive advantage and productivity.
  • Understand how to protect your data and minimise and control data leakage.

This event is for:

Marketing professionals – client, agency or supplier side - who wholly or partly have responsibility for data management. It includes managers and executives in marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, CRM, e-commerce and customer insight.


1.00pm: Introduction 

1.10pm: Online and Offline - connecting the dots

Everything marketers understand about customer loyalty is changing.  A paradigm shift is underway, and nowhere is that change more profoundly felt than in the collection and use of customer data for marketing. Driven by new technologies, changing consumer demographics and new attitudes toward consumer privacy and data security, this change will have a profound impact on those of us who manage customer relationships, whether for ourselves or for our clients.

Maureen McDonagh, Digital Commerce Director, Nectar

1.30pm: Machine learning – turn your big data into big learning

As marketers work to transform mountains of data into meaningful insights there are several hurdles they face. How can they apply the data into ROI? How can they use machine learning to make sense of it? Producing audience insights and segmentation can help answer these questions and deliver the necessary scale needed to drive effective marketing decisions which can help these marketing decisions.

In this session, EU Managing Director, Phil Macauley, will explain how machine learning can be applied to deliver massive scale against highly targeted audience segments. This presentation will also compare and contrast the benefits and challenges presented by different data sources and their applicability in driving targeting decisions.

Phil Macauley, EU Managing Director, Quantcast

1.50pm: Actionable Data

Marketers are aware of the increasingly wide availability and ubiquity of business and customer data on a number of platforms, devices and on “the cloud”. The need and opportunity to transfer Big Data into actionable business assets has brought Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques and algorithms out of the academic laboratory and into the mainstream business toolbox.

There are now greater opportunities than ever to harness some very complex Data analysis technologies to leverage business value out of “Big Data”. Experience from such projects has shown that success requires that appropriate methodologies and principles are established and followed throughout.  These methodologies put the understanding of the business needs in the driving seat of any such development. The presentation will illustrate these principles through examples from past projects and will introduce a new collaboration between the CRIMTAN and the University of Brighton that aims to push the boundaries of using Machine Learning technologies in online marketing.

Tony Evans, Corporate Development Director, Crimtan and Miltos Petridis, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Brighton

2.15pm: BREAK

2.40pm: A back stage pass into real-time relevance

Online marketers are faced with a dilemma in this fast-paced modern world where targeting consumer ads also means targeting consumer lifestyles. It’s not just exposing new products in new channels, but following multiple data points; such as sharing product reviews with friends through social media, mobile devices and blogs before making a  purchase on affiliate sites. The organic process of following a consumer’s  habit through data is possible through technological advancements like media buying, creative optimisation, verification, attribution, consolidation, trading, etc.  But it’s more than just about monetizing the long tail. These new advanced tools will radically alter the media purchase decisions oncross-channel premium sites and allow marketers to become the true rock stars that they were destined to be 

Tej Rekhi, Innovation Strategist, MediaMind

3.00pm: Mobile data: An introduction

EE generates a billion rows of data a day and holds a huge amount of valuable insight for multiple industries. mData has been working for the past year to unlock the value in this unique Big Data source. The tools we have developed give unique and powerful insight into consumer behaviour.  How do consumers use their mobile to shop? Which social channels influence behaviour? How do I optimise my advertising strategy?

Chris Gobby, Head of mData, Everything Everywhere

3.20pm: Use big data to get personal with your customers

Finding the right person at the right time in the right place has long been the rhetoric of the ad personalization industry. The critical part that has been frequently underplayed, and sometimes outright ignored, has been 'displaying exactly the right ad'. The next generation of Ad personalization leverages big data, in real time, to personalize every single element of every ad to make each one completely relevant to an individual shopper based on their precise stage in the user journey.  In this presentation, Sam will explain why True Ad Personalization is the future of targeted advertising, and how this will deliver increased customer engagement and incremental sales for your business.

Sam Barnett, Founder and CEO of Struq                

3.40pm: Reaching The Multi-screen Video Consumer

Its been proven that during the Olympics, people were twice as engaged when they were using more than one device. The Xbox is the number one viewing platforms for online video in the US and over a third of UK adults use their desktop to watch TV. With this shift in viewing habits and the fragmentation of content and subsequently the advertising opportunity, how can advertisers and publishers bridge the data gap between devices. Moreover, as an industry, how should we interpret results from cross device campaigns in order to measure the success and learnings around management and utilisation of data to reach the mobile video consumer.

Ben Barokas, GM Marketplace Development, Google

4.00pm: BREAK

4.20pm: Practical Applications Big Data for Real Time Trading

Publishers have vast amounts of 1st party data, much of which has potential value to advertisers. Today this represents a largely untapped resource but programmatic trading offers the opportunity to unlock value for publishers and advertisers alike. Advanced targeting opportunities are possible within real time trading and offer scalable delivery and improved ROI for advertisers in return for achieving higher yields for media owners.

Oli Whitten, VP and Commercial Director, EMEA at Rubicon Project, will interview market leaders on both the publisher and agency trading desk side of the real-time equation, who are working collaboratively to realise improved performance. Big data is often a theory, this session will focus on the practical application of big data in display trading.

Danny Hopwood, Director of Product AOD UK at Vivaki Nerve Centre

Guy Jones, Head of Programmatic, eBay Advertising 

4.40pm: Bringing it all together – Data management 

Larry Allen will offer advice and insights on how data can provide both publishers and advertisers with a distinct competitive advantage in today’s digital marketplace.  The increase of devices has caused massive fragmentation and the huge quantities of data that exist have left many of the best publishers and marketers confused.  Data on its own has no value.  What makes it relevant is the way it is analysed and acted upon.  In this session, Larry will define the different kinds of data, explain the importance of data management and provide critical tips on data ownership.  He will also share findings from a recently released paper on Data Management Platforms (DMPs) that was sponsored in part by 24/7 Media.

Larry Allen, SVP Business Development at Real Media Group

5.00pm: The future of information environments 

Data has become an important part of our everyday lives, but for the most part it is a mysterious and elusive force. This talk looks to the future, and how the physical and virtual worlds may be brought together to expose the unseen. It will propose ideas around how this data may become immersive, transforming our physical cities into mixed reality environments, part physical and part virtual. Keiichi will present his speculative and provocative visions, uncovering the problems and opportunities that we may be facing in the near future. These ideas will be illustrated via a selection of previous film and interactive works, including the recent Prism, commissioned by Veuve Clicquot, which was recently installed at the V&A museum as part of the London Design Festival.

Keiichi Matsuda, Designer and film-maker

5.30pm: Close & Drinks 


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