Why I want a Chairperson back at the Performance Marketing Council

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Affilinet's Managing Director UK, Helen Southgate, argues that the IAB Performance Marketing Council needs to be supported by an Industry spokesperson and Chairperson.

For more information about the IAB's Performance Marketing Council please email Clare O'Brien, Head of Industry Programmes - clare@iabuk.net 

The Performance Marketing Council (PMC) at the IAB is widely represented across the affiliate, email and lead generation sectors but does not have an industry Chairperson.  In fact, the last person to be in the position was myself, 6 years ago when it was the Affiliate Marketing Council. A lot has changed in 6 years, some of my team at affilinet were still at high school 6 years ago!

The support and time given to the various councils is vastly improved.  Clare O’Brien has dedicated many hours and hard work to the Performance Council over the years and been a huge driver in the growth, reputation and success of the Council.

We have jumped headfirst into an unpredictable social and economic environment not just across the UK and Europe, but across the globe. This will present several challenges, possible threats and opportunities for the Performance Marketing sector,  particularly around legislation such as the Cookie Directive, GDPR and the current CMA review of Price Comparison websites. Nathan Salter has led the legislation council (LSC) exceptionally over the last few years but stepped down this year from the Chair position.  This was what prompted me to put myself forward and open the debate for a Chairperson again.  I think there is a need to bring the LSC more prominence within the wider Council due to its importance over the coming years and I think a Chairperson for the wider Council can support this. 

The PMC is supported well by people that dedicate their time, resource and passionately want to help drive the industry forward.  However, I feel it’s time for a new lease of life, I’d like to see some new faces at the council as well as the trusty old timers.  I think there has been some support lost along the way from key stakeholders and I’d like us to try and win that support back. I still strongly feel that all publishers need a voice within the Council and would like to find a way to make that work.  I’d also like to see more advertisers engage with the Council and channel.  I raised the idea of an Affiliate Marketing conference with the IAB 18 months ago, and was delighted to see this come to fruition at the first IAB Performance Affiliate Conference last month which was hugely successful at engaging advertisers and I’m confident this can be the start of more to come. 

I feel strongly that the IAB needs to be supported by an Industry spokesperson and Chairperson to drive this forward.  I hope other candidates come forward over the next few weeks and we can have a good debate and selection of strong representatives.  I think the outcome will help us drive the industry forward and support all stakeholders in what will be an interesting and challenging few years ahead. 

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