The power of the mobile news feed

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Head of Multi-Channel Retail, EMEA at Facebook, Gavin Sathianathan proposes three ways to reach people via a mobile news feed.

Each of us checks our smartphone 40 times a day on average, and we generally keep the device within a few inches of our hands. Users are already spending more than two hours a day on their phones, and as both devices and network speeds improve, these numbers will undoubtedly increase.

What are these users doing with their smartphones? They are engaging with their Facebook news feeds. Facebook is the most popular sites people visit on mobile, with more than 604 million monthly active users globally. 21% of time spent on all Android devices is on Facebook, and since the most recent Facebook app was launched on the iPhone, we saw a 100% increase in the number of news feed stories read.

The key to reaching customers on mobile is to serve stories into their Facebook news feeds. There are three ways to do this: through Page posts, offers and app install ads.

Page posts in news feed can be high quality, practically full-screen images and video. This delivers a much richer user experience than the limited banner ads we currently see on mobile. Use Sponsored Page Posts to improve brand awareness and deliver sales. Carphone Warehouse in the UK recently saw sponsored page posts on mobile drive a 68% increase in online orders.

Offers can deliver sales across both online and offline channels. As Offers are frequently amongst the most shared messages between users, promoting Offers in the news feed is particularly effective. In a recent campaign, McDonald’s in Sweden attributed 1/3 of incremental sales of breakfast foods to the successful use of Facebook Offers.

Finally, app install ads can be an effective way of getting your mobile app on to a user's device. The mobile app install ad is great for apps that have a long lifespan and since launch, apps such as Spotify, Hotel Tonight,, and Kabam’s The Hobbit have achieved success getting high-quality installs using our mobile app install ads. We will continue to make updates to the product that improve the experience for people and developers using the ad.

Berlin-based gaming company Wooga recently used sponsored stories in news feed to generate a 37% increase in app installs of its Diamond Dash game in France.

The Facebook news feed is the most valuable real estate on a smartphone. Marketers who engage users in the news feed can utilise Facebook as both a brand awareness vehicle and a direct response channel to positively impact business metrics throughout the marketing funnel.


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