The IAB Believes in...

Here at the IAB, our aim is to create the right environment for digital advertising to thrive - by supporting the industry in its development and driving its future.

Digital advertising is the fastest-growing ad medium in the UK – worth £10.3bn, up 17.3% year-on-year. It accounts for approximately 48% of the total UK ad market. 

“The increasing role of data and automated technologies in the online ad trading process means ad verification – be it viewability, ad fraud or brand safety – and privacy has rightly come under increasing scrutiny. However, it’s time to turn up the volume on the solid progress we’re making in tackling these issues in collaboration with partner trade bodies – domestically and overseas – and technology vendors.”

“My call to action is to focus energies on working together on the evolving programme to tackle digital’s biggest issues, rather than complaining from the sidelines. We’re all in it together – it’s not just an IAB problem, these are shared issues on what is a global platform.”

What we believe in

The "IAB Believes” initiative summarises the five primary challenges facing the industry and the IAB’s proactive response to each. The issues include safety, viewability, fraud, (ad verification issues) and ad blocking and privacy (consumer-led issues) and our outlined below.

1. The IAB believes in brand safety online. Maintaining processes that ensure a safe environment for ad trading, thereby minimising the risk of misplacement, protecting the integrity and reputation of brands, and stifling the funding of content and services that infringe copyright.

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2. The IAB believes in maximising ad viewability. Working across the industry with accredited technology partners to develop cross-platform standards, our goal is to achieve effective viewability, engagement and attention for advertisers' online campaigns.

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3. The IAB believes in tackling ad fraud head on. We are committed to ensuring that the significant investment brands make in digital advertising is effective and reaches the right audience. Working with our industry partners, we will issue practical advice, and accredit technology solutions to stamp out fraud in the supply chain.

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4. The IAB believes in an ad-funded internet. Our goal is to minimise Ad blocking by making all forms of digital advertising more effective, acceptable and relevant to people's interests. We want to help brands reach their audience and to provide revenue to publishers so they can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available at the appropriate cost. We believe ad blocking undermines this approach.

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5. The IAB believes in privacy. Together with our industry partners across Europe and beyond, we are working to ensure advertising businesses give citizens greater transparency and control over the information that is collected and used to make advertising more relevant and effective.

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The IAB is proactively working with industry to solve these challenges and relevant information will be added as key developments take shape.