Intensive Courses

For certain topics, like Digital Essentials or Digital Sales, we recognise that a little more time and attention are required to cover the breadth of the topics at hand. That’s why we typically cover these topics and others like them in our more intensive course format.

IAB courses are usually a day long, though some can be two non-consecutive days. (We understand that it’s tough to take two days in a row out of the office, even for something as important as education!) Our courses also have smaller group sizes to foster group interaction with other course delegates and with the course leader.

Course leaders are experienced digital practitioners who impart practical know-how. You’ll energise your campaigns and career with our course leaders’ expert guidance.

Hosted at our offices in conveniently located Covent Garden, IAB training courses are discounted for IAB members and offered at a competitive rate for non-members.

12/09/2017 to 19/09/2017
The IAB Digital Marketing Essentials Course is a two-day course and the only one you need to understand all the basics about digital!
This course will give delegates the knowledge and skills to sell digital display advertising. Delegates will be given practical guidance to understand customers needs, communicate the value of audiences, understand the principles of effective...
The course will give delegates the skills and knowledge to understand marketing needs beyond display advertising and how brands can use content and other creative solutions to engage with consumers. Delegates will be given training on how to...
The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of how Programmatic has come into being, what it is, and what it might become.