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B2B marketers set to spend more on brand strategy

Investment in brand strategy among B2B marketers is set to rise, according to new research.

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B2C marketers struggle to choose technology

Finding the right technologies for their needs is a challenge for B2C marketers.

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Millennials and social marketing - how to shape the future of the finance industry

LinkedIn’s Henry Clifford Jones explains what happens when you mix Millennials, social media and finance.
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Email and LinkedIn lead the way for B2B marketing

Email is the most successful form of lead generation for B2B marketers, while LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform, DemandWave research shows.

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Digital transformation

Clare O'Brien, the IAB's Senior Industry Programmes Manager, introduces the IAB's upcoming seminar on digital transformation.
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The quest for the perfect email subject line

The IAB’s Sarah Chetta – with help from the IAB’s Email Council – outlines some top tips on composing the perfect email subject line.
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‘Native’ like ‘programmatic’ still lacks a single definition

Roger Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at Maxifier discusses the need for clarification on the ‘native’ buzzword.
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Content marketing for the B2B sector

Leena Shah, Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft Advertising UK, outlines what B2B marketers need to care about when it comes to content marketing.
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Is Outdoor the new online that was the new print?

Rupert Denny, Media Director at Banner discusses the future of the outdoor advertising sector.
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Open to all B2B Council members, other IAB Council members, clients, colleagues and contacts.

The event will happen immediate after the B2B Council's first meeting of 2012, scheduled between 4 and 5pm, Thursday 2nd February.


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