Discrepancy guidelines

The IAB in conjunction with the Display Council (consisting of media owners and media agencies) has designed a set of guidelines to identify and prevent discrepancy, reaffirming the IAB's recommended tolerance.

Discrepancies, the difference between numbers reported by a publisher and a third party ad server, are a big source of frustration for both agencies and publishers. There will always be some degree of discrepancy between the publisher and the 3rd party ad server because of the differences in technology and the different points at which they count.

However, there are a number of simple checks both publisher and agency teams can do before running a campaign to help reduce and even prevent the majority of discrepancies. These include:

  • Trafficking errors
  • Heavy creative
  • Page download
  • Redirecting ad calls
  • Browser issues
  • iFrames

Download the full document, including discrepancy tolerance, below.

Available downloads

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