Content and Native Definitions Framework - May 2016

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Version 3.0 of the Content & Native Definitions Framework was agreed by the IAB Content & Native Council in May 2016.

Rather than defining what a native ad might be, the Definitions Framework sets out to establish and distinguish different categories of content and native-based advertising – those that create publisher revenues and those which are brand owned.

There are three broad forms of content into which advertising budget is invested:

  • Native Distribution ad formats. These are ad formats which receive content components such as headlines, images, videos, body texts etc, which are usually formed into real time within ad units designed to fit within a publisher’s overall style and layout. There are many types of native formats such as in-feed, recommendation engines and other curated or dynamic feed units.
  • Publisher hosted and / or made. This is where advertisers partner with publishers and provide or support editorial-based content. The content and style are as varied as the publishers selling this type of inventory. Sometimes called ‘supported’, ‘sponsored’, ‘ad feature’ and ‘advertorial’, though labels differ between publishers and platforms.
  • Brand-owned. Any form of content which is conceived, owned and mnaged by an advertiser. YouTube channels, destination websites, publications, social media hubs, podcasts, infographics, interactive widgets and apps are all examples of content types which brands may own and do not directly provide publisher revenues.

The Definitions Framework underpins other work of the council such as the Disclosure Guidelines, providing publishers with guidance on good practice around clear and transparent identification content and native advertising.

The Definitions Framework is overseen by a working group of the Content & Native Council and is continually reviewed as this emerging digital advertising technique evolves and grows.

You can see Content and Native disclosure guidelines -Phase 1 & Phase 2 as well as our bitesize content and native disclosure guidelines by clicking on the relevant links. 

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