Wieden+Kennedy wins July's IAB Creative Showcase Awards


Wieden+Kennedy's Gumulon campaign for Stride Gum is July's first placed campaign in the IAB's Creative Showcase Awards.


For July's first placed campaign, Wieden+Kennedy London created Gumulon, an interactive game controlled by chewing (and tapping) to promote Stride Gum by Mondolez Global.

The game, available on the App Store features an alien miner called Ace trying to escape from a ravenous subterranean monster. Gumulon also features unique social media components. As Ace falls into the jaws of the monster, the front facing camera captures a still of the player's face, creating an image featuring the player's top score and chewing face that can then be shared across their social media channels.

Kristin Brewe, IAB Director of Marketing & Communications, stated: “Wieden+Kennedy’s terrific Gumulon campaign for Stride represents some ‘out of this world’ creative thinking by immersing players in the amazing adventures of Ace. This is a great example of rewarding product engagement through mobile apps and social sharing, something any brand should ‘chew on’ when evaluating how to work well in two of consumers’ favourite engagement channels—mobile and social.”

The second placed campaign by VCCP for Coors Light was developed to trial and raise awareness of the new Coors Light Ice Cold indicator, a heat sensitive label that tells you when your beer is at its coldest. The 'Damme Cold Caller' app was created which allows the user to send a personalised phone call from Jean Claude Van Damme himself, to their friends.

Through the Coors Light website and an app on Facebook, users could create a bespoke a message from Van Damme. They would then be able to preview the call before sending it to their friends. For each cold call received, that person would be able to redeem a free beer at their local pub or newsagent, as a gift from their friend. They would then be able to return the favour and make a cold call themselves. 

The app received over 160,000 interactions and over 65,000 people making cold calls to their mates. The UK Coors website also became the most visited beer website throughout this period.

July's third placed campaign by Partners Andrews Aldridge was the Global launch of Glenlivet Alpha whisky, a unique, limited-edition whisky released without any information about its taste, age, or how it was matured.

Partners Andrews Aldridge worked with greyworld to recreate a sensory experience of whisky online and designed a set of challenges that let users recreate the look, smell, taste and feel of Alpha which were then uploaded to The Glenlivet’s Facebook tab. Each challenge generated a rich, interactive visual, and by completing them, users earned a shareable badge and learned a little more about Alpha.

In the month the campaign was live, Facebook likes were up 14% and Twitter engagement grew by 64%.