Waterstones founder to launch Spotify-like service for books


Tim Waterstone, the man who founded the high street book retail chain Waterstones, is to launch a service similar to Spotify for books.

Read Petite will allow customers to access a range of content through paying a monthly subscription fee.

However, the emphasis will be on short stories and serialisations, aiming the service at individuals who do not have the time to read longer books. Texts will be limited to around 9,000 words or less.

A report by the Guardian revealed that Read Petite is due to be launched at the London Book Fair next week, reaching the general public by autumn.

Unlike Spotify, which has a huge amount of content, Read Petite will implement quality control to ensure the texts that make it online are a good read.

"The individual short story, or whatever it is, may not have been published, but the author will be an established, published writer," he told the Guardian.

"The whole point is to avoid a slush-pile of material. What we'll guarantee is quality writing."