Twitter launches 6-second video service Vine


Twitter has launched a micro-video service that allows users to attach clips in their tweets.

Vine keeps with the format style of the website and, therefore, the videos are limited to just six seconds.

It was debuted by Twitter boss Dick Costolo, who posted a clip of him making steak tartare.

At present, the feature is only available as a standalone-app through the Apple App Store. It has not been introduced to other platforms as yet.

"Posts on Vine are about abbreviation — the shortened form of something larger," said Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine.
"They're little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life."

He added that "constraint inspires creativity", which would explain the success of Twitter in recent years.

The videos posted through Vine are kept in a continuous loop in a manner similar to animated gif images. Some critics have said this feature could make the service quite frustrating.