Twitter introduces keyword targeting ads


Twitter has added a keyword targeting system for advertisers, allows them to better aim their ads to relevant users.

The system works by targeting Twitter accounts based on specific words used in their latest tweets or tweets they have recently engaged with.

This could be an important step for the social network giant as it strives to generate revenue from its gigantic user base.

"This is an important new capability - especially for those advertisers looking for signals of intent - because it lets marketers reach users at the right moment, in the right context," said product manager Nipoon Malhotra in a blog post.

One example of how targeted keywords could he highlighted was if a user tweeted about a band he or she likes that happens to be playing a local venue. If the venue were running a geotargeted campaign using keywords related to the band, the person could be sent a Promoted Tweet advertising the concert.

Twitter has assured users that there will not be an increase in the frequency of Promoted Tweets, while tests so far have revealed that individuals engage better with keyword-targeted ads on the website.