Tesco launches website to rebuild consumer confidence


Tesco is launching a new website to help claw back customer confidence following the horsemeat scandal.

Chief executive Philip Clarke has said in a video blog that the company is working proactively to tackle the horsemeat contamination and the website should help to bring transparency to the supply chain.

The website Tesco Food News features pledges to ensure food is sourced close to home and that better controls are in place to prevent a repeat of this incident.

"Tesco is going to bring the food we sell closer to home. We’re going to make how we source our food simpler, more transparent and shorter, and we will build better relationships with our nation’s farmers," the website reads.

It also features an FAQ section with questions including "Who's involved in testing?", "What do the test results show?" and "Why didn't we do these tests before?".

Mr Clarke has conceded that for these reforms to become a reality, food prices may increase for customers.