Sport consumption on social media doubles


The number of people using social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to consume sport, has almost doubled in the last year, a report by digital sports agency Perform has found.

It revealed that 21 per cent of sports fans use social media sites to follow their favourite teams compared to just 13 per cent last year, reports Brand Republic.

Twitter, in particular, has become popular among sports fans as they can follow individual players and football clubs, while sites like Facebook are being used to comment on matches in real-time.

Another 35 per cent agreed that they are more likely to have a positive opinion on brands that associate with sports they enjoy on social media platforms, the report discovered.

Furthermore, four in ten sports fans would interact with a brand's promotions or offers if they interact with sports on social networks.

Mobile devices have also become a popular way of accessing sports content, especially in the 24 to 34 age group, with 32 per cent of sports fans in this bracket using their smartphones to read sports news.

With the Olympics coming up, plenty of brands are using the tournament to run competitions or special offers on social networks, with British Airways being one.

The airline recently offered free flight and Olympic tickets to Brits who wanted to fly home for the Games via Facebook.