Smartphones 'increasing Facebook usage'


Smartphones are helping to drive the number of people using Facebook, with 62 per cent of owners checking their device on waking.

Smartphones are driving Facebook usage, according to a new survey, which finds that 62 per cent of people reach for their device immediately after waking up.

The research from the International Data Corporation, on behalf of Facebook, displays the marriage of social and mobile and the potential this relationship has for businesses.

It quizzed US smartphone owners and found that for 18-24-year-olds 74 per cent used their device to check Facebook as soon as they woke up and 89 per cent did so within 15 minutes of rising.

Some 16.4 minutes per day for the average user were spent checking newsfeeds, while 9.5 minutes was used Facebook messaging and 6.6 minutes was spent updating a status message or posting a photo.

In total the average time spent accessing Facebook via mobile was just over half an hour per day.

More than half admitted to using the social networking site to play games, with 52 per cent regularly checking for apps they could use.