Smartphone users read emails more than make calls


The importance of email marketing has been highlighted by a recent report, which revealed that people are more likely to read their emails on a smartphone than make a call.

Abode's 2013 Digital Publishing Report revealed that 79 per cent of smartphone users access their email on their device, while only 78 per cent make calls.

Following email and calls, the third most popular use for smartphones is logging in to Facebook, which 58 per cent of users do.

Email also topped the chart for tablet owners too, with 72 per cent of people accessing their messages from their device. This was followed by playing games (67 per cent) and Facebook (61 per cent).

Shopping, meanwhile, is done by 44 per cent of tablet users, which compares to only 20 per cent of smartphone owners that make purchases via their device.

People prefer to use their smartphones for researching purchasing decisions, rather than actually making them.