Morrisons and Nike first to create Weve mobile adverts


Morrisons and Nike are the first two brands to launch mobile adverts through Vodafone, EE and O2 using Weve, Marketing Magazine has reported.

Using Weve, the companies will be able to access around 15 million mobile phone users in the UK using text and video, as well as location-based, messages.

Morrisons has made the move just as it is trying to enhance its position in the digitial sphere through the creation of ecommerce websites, with many people expecting the supermarket chain to launch an online grocery store in the near future.

Nancy Cruickshank, chief executive at Weve, hopes that the platform will become a key part of long-term campaigns for advertisers in the future, rather than just one-offs.

Although Weve does expand the mobile advertising capabilities of companies, those on Tesco, Three and Virgin Mobile are out of reach as they have not entered the joint venture yet. However, with EE, O2 and Vodafone, the company does have access to 80 per cent of all UK mobile customers.