Mobile games in the UK number 20m


There are 20 million mobile users in the UK who play games on their devices at least once a month, with (del) 6.2 million doing so every day, according to a new report.

A comScore infographic revealed that gaming is the ninth-most popular mobile activity, almost as well-liked as photo messaging (20.4 million), news reading (20.9 million) and social networking (22.3 million).

As such, comScore has questioned why there isn't more of a focus on in-game advertising by businesses.

Some 40 per cent of mobile gamers recall seeing in-game advertising and seven per cent say they have tapped on an ad.

"As smartphone gamers have a higher propensity to recall seeing and tapping on in-game advertising, compared to the average browser and app user, one wonders why brands aren’t exploiting this channel more," a blog post accompanying the infographic said.

Interestingly, mobile gaming is not just a pursuit of people trying to pass time on their commute. Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of UK smartphone gamers do so in their living rooms, which shows how the 'second-screen' is transforming the lounge environment.