M&M's tops Google searches during Super Bowl


Commercials beat out the football when it came to game day Google searches during the Super Bowl, with M&M's receiving the highest number of queries.

The search giant revealed the top five searches fans made during the match, with pop star diva Beyonce coming in second and Baltimore Ravens in third.

San Francisco 49ers came in fourth, showing that the Ravens won the internet popularity battle, as well as match-up on the pitch, while the 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick came in fifth.

M&M's game day advert was, however, the most successful at grabbing the attention of viewers, inspiring a deluge of Google queries. Spots by Mercedes-Benz, Disney, Lincoln and Chrysler also sparked interest from fans. Overall, searches for big game adverts were an astonishing 55 times higher on Sunday than the same time the week before.

Beyonce's second place position unsurprisingly peaked during her half-time performance and reunion with Destiny's Child, while the power outage peaked shortly after that.