IAB Europe Statement on IE default DNT settings


On 31 May 2012 Microsoft announced that the newest version of Internet Explorer (IE10), packaged with the Windows 8 Release Preview, will have a so-called “Do Not Track” flag set to “on” by default. See Microsoft News here.
IAB Europe (of which IAB UK is a member) is part of the W3C standards body exploring a commonly accepted standard for DNT and how it can help enhance consumer privacy. However, as yet, the standard has not been agreed. Nevertheless IAB Europe and its partners in the EU behavioural advertising self-regulation initiative have committed to the European Commission to make DNT interoperable with this self-regulatory work via the icon in ads and on www.youronlinechoices.eu. We continue to work towards this goal but also in ensuring that online content and services can continue to be funded via advertising, available to the benefit of the consumer at little or no cost.
IAB Europe is committed to empowering consumers with increased transparency and meaningful control. These principles are at the heart of the self-regulatory initiative, to be administered by the newly created European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), representing all parts of the digital advertising industry. We are also committed to educating users about online advertising and the icon and will begin a pan-European campaign to do so later this year.
Microsoft is a founding and committed member of the EU behavioural advertising self-regulatory programme, as well as a participant in the W3C process. We look forward to continuing this work with them to ensure we deliver on this goal.