Google's streaming service Music All Access launches


Google's campaign to challenge the dominate forces in the music streaming sphere has begun with the launch of Music All Access.

The subscription-only website will provide users with access to millions of tracks through their browser or a mobile app, as well as discover new music through its personalised radio feature, which streams songs similar to specified artists. 

There is a unique feature on Music All Access that allows customers to store up to 20,000 songs from their personal library and play them alongside the service's own catalogue. 

It will be initially available at £7.99 a month for those that sign up before September 15th. After that the cost is set to rise to £9.99.

The service has been available in the US since May and Australia and New Zealand since July. The UK launch will form part of a Europe-wide rollout.

"The entry of a player with the reach of Google will persuade many more consumers to experience having millions of songs to play instantly on their phone, tablet or PC," said BPI's chief executive Geoff Taylor, commenting on the launch.