Google’s Creativity Guidebook wins Creative Showcase


Adam & Eve’s Digital Creativity Guidebook for Google tops December’s Creative Showcase Award.

Creative agency Adam & Eve designed The Digital Creativity Guidebook to look and feel similar to a 3D pop-up book, using a custom 3D engine utilising HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3.

The aim of the guidebook was to inspire marketers and other industry professional in the development of their campaigns. Google wanted to showcase their suite of products and how they can be used in the most creative way.

Users can click, drag, pull and interact with the digital book to guide them through the creative offerings from Google’s various products including YouTube, mobile, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Adwords, and Google+. Detailed case studies of Google products were also available in the guidebook.

Kristin Brewe, the IAB’s Director of Marketing & Communications, comments; “This month’s Creative Showcase highlights innovative thinking for the B2B and non-profit spaces, showing that creativity doesn’t have to be the preserve of B2C brands alone. The technical mastery demonstrated by Adam & Eve for the Google guidebook is a great demonstration of what can be achieved when creative and code work together.”

In second place was a campaign from Krow Communications and Rubber Republic, made for Fiat and their latest car the Fiat 500L.

They created a rap parody video entitled ‘The Motherhood ’ providing a funny, highly shareable piece of online video content which topped the viral video charts in December. The lyrics for the rap were written collaboratively by Rubber Republic and Krow.

The video was released on YouTube the week before Christmas and in just three weeks had delivered over 2.2 million views; over 207,000 shares on Facebook; 4800 Tweets and 83 blogposts.

The third placed campaign for December was by creative agency Elvis for the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People).

In a bid to raise awareness of the challenges faced by blind and partially-sighted children in the UK, Elvis and the RNIB collaborated for this awareness campaign which playing on the broken images often appearing in emails.

Recipients of the e-mail were unable to see any images, even after clicking on the 'click here to view images' link. By clicking on the 'view images' link, people were then directed to a page on the RNIB website where they could learn more about the issues surrounding the blind and donate to the charity. The campaign generated an average click through rate of 24%.