Google gears AdWords towards mobile devices


Google has overhauled how advertisers handle their bids on its AdWords platform in order to improve how they are managed across multiple devices as people increasingly browse the internet through their smartphones and tablets.

The revamp means that companies will be able to focus their advertising spend towards different platforms, as well as different locations and time of day. This is all carried out through a single interface.

Google explained one way in which the new service could be harnessed: A cafe could reach out to people nearby who are searching "breakfast" or "coffee" on their smartphones. It could then bid 25 per cent higher for those within half a mile and 20 per cent less for queries after 11:00 GMT.

"This is a first step to help you more simply and smartly manage your ad campaigns in today's multi-device world," said Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president of engineering at the global search giant.

The move should serve to increase the company's mobile revenue in AdWords, which is one of its biggest earners, when it is introduced over the coming weeks.