Global mobile advertising valued at $5.3bn


First initiative by industry to size mobile advertising market globally.

IABs around the globe have joined forces to size the mobile advertising market at global and regional levels. This is the first such initiative by digital advertising trade bodies. Underneath the global figure of $5.3bn (€3.8bn) for 2011 are regional shares of: Europe 25.9%; North America 31.4%; Latin America 3.5%; Asia-Pacific 35.9%; Middle East & Africa 3.2%.

Recognising the growing importance of mobile as an advertising platform, IAB saw the need to deliver greater insight on investment in the medium.

IHS Screen Digest authored the research based on identification of mobile ad spend reported by IABs, harmonising the data, and employing statistical and econometric models to infer a global market size, split across advertising formats.

Looking in more detail at the investment in the different formats within mobile the figures reveal: 

IAB’s senior mobile manger, Alex Kozloff said: ‘The release of these figures is an important step for the mobile marketing industry to help understand the value of this growing medium. Having seen four years’ worth of growth in the industry from the UK’s IAB/PwC Mobile Adspend Study, IAB UK was excited to work with colleagues from IAB US and Europe to provide these figures on a global level for the first time.’