Bebo launches with spoof video


Bebo is set to relaunch and to coincide with the announcement its original founder Michael Birch has released a video to promote the social network.

In it he promises that the new Bebo will be "very different from the old one", while also insisting that there will be less male genitalia after account whiteboards were often used to sketch crude drawings.
Birch first created Bebo in 2005 with his wife and it soared in popularity before being sold to AOL in 2008 or $850 million (£550 million).
However, it quickly faded as Facebook exploded across the world and he has now re-bought the site for $1 million (£660,000) with hopes to revamp it.
In the spoof video Birch discusses the penis drawings in a deadpan style over the top of the sort of music expected to be heard in a corporate video.
"I’m not going to take the moral high ground," he said. "I drew a few myself."
People interested in joining the new Bebo can register a place on the site ahead of its launch using their email address.