BBC iPlayer access through tablets overtakes smartphones


The number of people accessing BBC iPlayer through a tablet has surpassed the smartphone figure for the first time ever in March.

There were 200,000 more people using their tablets to access the TV and radio catch-up service. The BBC has said that the landmark was reached largely through viewing TV, as tablets take another step to securing their position as the second screen in British living rooms.

In total, there were 272 million requests to view content across the month, representing a daily average of 8.1 million.

"It's a huge moment for us," said Dave Price, the head of BBC iPlayer. "Whether it's in bed, in the bath or on the train, tablets have opened up use cases for iPlayer that just weren't there before."

The impressive performance in March was helped by the scheduling of a number of popular BBC shows, including a two-hour Top Gear special from Africa and Comic Relief. Furthermore, the sheer number of tablet sales over the Christmas period also played a part, according to Mr Price.

Radio experienced 72 million plays during March, a seven per cent increase on February, with Neil Gaiman's Radio 4 sci-fi series Neverwhere proving to be most popular with 147,000 requests for the first episode.