Ballantine’s tshirtOS campaign wins Creative Showcase


Ballantine’s and Work Club agency link up to create tshirtOS for ‘Leave an Impression’ campaign

Ballantine’s, the Scottish whisky brand, teamed up with the Work Club agency to design two new films aimed at a younger, digital savvy audience.  The first was a ‘Kickstarter’ style film, designed to measure the possible interest in the tshirtOS, a T-shirt allowing personal expression through a programmable digital screen.

The idea of the second film was to further push the ‘Leave an Impression’ brand message. The 5 minute film features two friends accidentally taking their tshirtOS for a night on the town, the day before they have to pitch the shirt. The night leads them into weird and wonderful places, with everyone they meet wanting a piece of the tshirtOS for themselves.

Kristin Brewe, the IAB’s Director of Marketing & Communications, comments, “Work Club’s Ballantine films are clearly conceived to delight an audience—crucial to engagement. The films are creative, compelling and entertaining, content fundamentals for any medium or any age range.”

In second place was a campaign by Tribal DBB’s ‘Paint the Town Black’ campaign for Guinness. To raise awareness of Arthur’s Day, Guinness wanted to create a global campaign that was engaging and socially interactive. Tribal DBB came up with ‘Paint the Town Black’, where Facebook users could ‘like’ Arthur’s Day from the Guinness Facebook page to control a spray-painting robot and be part of a massive interactive image via a live stream. The campaign was picked up in over 100 countries with over 10,000 people taking part. 

In third place, LBi created a campaign for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer entitled ‘The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator.’ The campaign was aimed at showing consumers that Internet Explorer was the best way to experience their favourite sites, and engaged a tech influencer audience with a new web series. The animated story came in four parts and demonstrated how Internet Explorer could be used to create a compelling, interactive branded content.