Audio books 'Spotify' service launches


A new service called Bardowl, which aims to replicate Spotify by allowing subscribers to pay a one-off monthly fee to gain access to its library and stream books on iPhones, has been launched.

The Bath-based start-up and previous winner of a FutureBook Innovation award, Bardowl, plans to double the audio book market in the UK and revolutionise the way in which people pay for this type of content.

Currently, consumers can pay £9.99 a month to listen to as many audio books as they like for as long as they want.

It also saves up to three hours worth of audio books on iPhones so people can continue to stream content when they have no mobile signal.

There is also the facility to share a 30-second excerpt of the audio books available in the library on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, the program works in much the same way as the subscription-based online music streaming service Spotify, which has helped boost the digital music industry in the UK.

At the end of May, the British Phonographic Institute revealed that digital music revenues, including downloads and music streaming services such as Spotify, overtook physical sales for the first time.