Make the most of your membership

Already an IAB member? Want to understand how to make the most of your membership? There are a range of benefits which your entire organisation can access as a result of your IAB membership. Follow the steps below to make sure that you’re making the most of these opportunities.

And if you ever have any questions, please feel free to get in touch - our membership team will be only too happy to help.

Get some free advertising & boost your company’s SEO

Updating your membership profile should make your sales, PR, and natural search teams happy. We've included a link to your company’s site but why not compliment this with some relevant content on your IAB membership profile page.

Involve others - as many as you like

Because IAB membership is at the company level, once your membership is active, anyone in your company can register on our site to take advantage of IAB updates, full research, training discounts, and free events. 

Participate in a council

Take part in one of our councils, groups of thought leaders from across the digital landscape—from mobile, to real-time trading, to B2B and everything in between. Learn more about the specific councils and how you can get involved.

Get brilliant…for less

All IAB members receive a discount on our practical, hands-on training workshops and certificate courses. With loads of training opportunities in 2014, see how you can expand your digital know-how with the IAB.

Find creative inspiration & recognise your own

See what brands are doing the most innovative work when you check out the work on our monthly Creative Showcase. Or, enter your own work for a chance to be recognised as a ground-breaking leader in digital.

Take part in the industry’s biggest events: Mobile Engage & Engage

Mark your calendars for Mobile Engage on May 14th and Engage on October 15th. Join today’s thought leaders to share knowledge and network at two of the UK’s biggest industry events. Half price for members; FREE for advertisers.

Share your success stories

Cheer on your team by sharing your campaign successes on the IAB site. Members can upload their case studies to showcase success.

See where you stand in the industry

In conjunction with PwC, the IAB carries out the industry’s comprehensive digital and mobile AdSpend study. The full year for 2014 will be released in April. For a summary of the first half of 2014, look here. Members who are registered on the site can always access full reports.

Demonstrate your leadership – sponsor an event or a publication

It’s the IAB’s mission to share knowledge - we couldn’t do it without your support. Members can sponsor entire events, networking breaks, publications, and more. Contact our membership team for a full list of sponsorship opportunities.

Keep your legal and compliance team up to speed

With timely updates about privacy, media guidelines, and other policy initiatives affecting digital advertisers, the IAB’s new policy briefing newsletter is great reading for your general counsel and compliance teams. Get them to register on the site now.

Contribute to the conversation

Comment on today’s trends or submit your own blog entry about what’s happening in the digital landscape. 


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