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This workshop draws upon the experts from the IAB’s Display Trading Council to explain and demonstrate the basics every publisher needs to know around quality considerations, best use of data deployment and introducing advanced techniques such as header bidding.
Last year mobile reached a tipping point. More money was spent on mobile display advertising than on desktop. This is a huge shift, and a trend that isn’t going to slow down as more and more advertisers take mobile seriously and more and more consumers become mobile only.
Getting the basics right is essential in digital marketing and Ad Ops represents the front line in ensuring that campaigns execute smoothly from start to finish.
With input from the experts of the IAB’s Display Trading Council, we’ll be putting together a workshop on the advanced techniques available for publishers and the best ways of deploying them, including private marketplaces, header bidding and the QA considerations to keep in mind.
We’ve seen from our own numbers that video spend has seen a massive spike in spend over the past 3 years. This growth is in no small part down to Innovation in the video space which has opened up more opportunities for brands to get impactful and emotive video creative in front of their audiences.
Our Advanced Ad Ops Workshop is for seasoned operations staff who know their way around an ad server and analyse discrepancies for breakfast.
As programmatic on mobile firmly establishes itself as both an effective and efficient way of buying and selling mobile inventory it’s never been more important to understand this growing area of the market.