Think you know search? Think again!

Thursday, 12 June, 2014
12.00-1.00pm registration & lunch 1.00-5.30pm event followed by drinks
Town Hall, Google UK, 1-13 St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8AG
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Join leading companies, visionaries and thought leaders to debate exciting changes in search, the future of the consumer and how businesses can take advantage of these.


Search has been the backbone of digital marketing, accounting for 55% or £3.5 billion in 2013 or 20% of all adspend! It's the staple that all marketers rely on, trusted, reliable, efficient.

But Search is evolving. It's no longer about 10 blue links on a page trying to find information that may be relevant. We're moving to a world where Search is and will become intuitive, getting a greater understanding of people as individuals helping them to complete tasks, not just linking them to information.

If you think this is the stuff of the future, think again. Apple's Siri, Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana are leading this revolution which is changing consumer behaviour, and as marketers we need to be aware of how best to leverage this.

Think you know Search? Think again!

1.00pm: Introduction

Steve Chester, Director of Data & Industry Programmes

1.05pm: Google           

Understanding consumer behaviour is key to successful marketing. Given the vast amounts of data search professionals analyse every day, they are arguably very well equipped in understanding what customers need and want. However, new consumer patterns and trends are emerging, and search professionals need to be able to respond to those. Harry Davies, Google's Lead Product Marketing Manager, will touch on what search professionals can learn today from other channels, and even sciences such as statistics and anthropology, to be ready for tomorrow's marketing.

Harry Davies, Strategic Marketer, Google

1.25pm: Market Trends

In this session Jon Myers, VP & Managing Director - EMEA, will share Marin Software's unique perspective on the industry. As an independent third-party platform Marin Software can share unbiased trends and data across publishers. You will walk away from this session with all the data you need to understand the search market in 2014, including…..

  • CPCs, CTRs, click shares, spend shares and conversion rates across smartphones, tablets and computers
  • CPC trends across verticals including Travel, Retail and Finance
  • The trends and statistics which highlight the need for advertisers to take an integrated approach to managing search and social ads

Jon Myers, VP & MD – EMEA, Marin Software

1.45pm: Panel Session 1 - 'Is Paid Search worth it?'

Does paid search work for established brands? eBay Research Labs published a study in 2013 showing that paid search ads generated little increase in sales for eBay, and that when removed, traffic and conversions were maintained either through consumers clicking on organic search or going directly to the eBay site. So the question is, is paid search needed for well known brands with good page ranking?

A panel of industry experts will debate whether or not mature brands should invest in paid search or if organic search will suffice!

  • Nick Beck, CEO & founder, Tug – Chair
  • Chris Soo, Head of Biddable Media, Unique Digital
  • Oscar Romero, Head of Search Strategy and Product, Starcom
  • Andy Jones, Head of Search Account Management, Yahoo

2.15pm: BREAK          

2.35pm: PPC has got Hyper Local!

Forget the Postcode Lottery, PPC has got Hyper Local! Using innovative technology and smart thinking iProspect have been taking on the challenge of targeting on a granular level to drive greater results for clients and reduce wasted spend. Using real examples and an award winning case study, you will learn how PPC has the power to drive traditional direct marketing response with a digital ROI.

Sandra McDill, Managing Partner at iProspect

2.55pm: The impact affiliate marketing has on search

Whilst traditionally viewed as different media channels, both search and affiliate marketing have gone hand in hand since their individual inceptions. Whether used to deliberately drown out a competitive search landscape or inadvertently allowing your affiliate partners to take search share of voice; this session will debate whether the two can viably sit together.

Fiona Gandy, International Account Director from digital media agency - 7thingsmedia - will introduce, educate and host a debate on the pros and cons for clients and whether ultimately this approach can fit within an overall marketing communications strategy.

Fiona Gandy, Account Director, 7thingsmedia

3.15pm: Mobile 

3.35pm: How valuable is search? Attribution and how search fits into the overall plan.

The brilliant thing about search is its ability to work anywhere within the sales cycle – as a brand awareness tool, a research tool or a direct response tool.  This does however make it difficult to understand how search works for your brand and the individual you are engaging with.

IgnitionOne’s UK Business Director, Dominic Gramatte, will explore the importance of attribution for search and the things brands should take into consideration to ensure they reveal the true value of search as a marketing tool and apportion spend correctly within the media mix.

Dominic Gramatte, UK Business Director, IgnitionOne 

3.55pm: BREAK

4.15pm: DoubleClick

Keywords are great - since the inception of search, marketers used keywords to infer customer's purchase intentions. But today we have much more data at our hands: keywords are just one of the available signals marketers can use. Using all available signals would allow for more precise targeting, bidding and creative. How can we go beyond targeting keywords to aiming to reach certain audience profiles at scale? Tushar Balsara, Head of DoubleClick Search for North and Central Europe, will present an audience planning framework which can be used to overcome those challenges and allow marketers to make bids, targeting and messaging more precise than ever before.

Tushar Balsara, Head of DoubleClick Search.

4.35pm: Panel Session 2 - 'Should you pay for branded terms?'

Building on the discussion from the last panel, a group of industry experts will explore if paid branded search terms work. Is this simply duplicating efforts and paying for directing customers to a brand's sites that would have otherwise have come from natural search? Or does an always-on branded search paid search stategy work, and reap rewards for those willing to invest? Is there a one-size fits all approach to all brands, or do varying conditions apply for different brands.

These questions and more will be discussed, debated and finally put to rest!

  • Jonathan Beeston, Director, New Product Innovation, EMEA, Adobe – Chair 
  • Richard Palmer, Strategy Director, Quirk 
  • Nandita Patkar, Head of Paid Media, Oban Multilingual
  • Paulo Ribeiro, Head of Biddable Media, Total Media 

5.05pm: Unlocking the Potential of Search

Search is evolving at a phenomenal rate, and yet our expectations of what it can achieve are still stuck in the last decade. Search can do so much more than bring us pages of content and yet that is how most of us view Search – a box and 10 blue links. The limiting factor here is not technology, it’s us. It’s time to take Search out of second gear and open up the engine.

Microsoft’s Search Advertising Lead James Murray will explore how Search is changing and some of the implications for advertisers. Discover a glimpse of the future; a world of Search without searching, as Search becomes the intelligent thread which stitches together the fabric of our digital lives.

James Murray, UK Search Advertising Lead, Microsoft 

 5.25pm: Close & Thanks

5.30pm: Drinks 

If you are a brand advertiser that needs to know more about search - don't despair, come to our search workshop!

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