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Tuesday, 16 April, 2013
9am Registration & Breakfast, 9.30 - 11.30am Event
IAB Offices, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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With time-shifted viewing more prevalent than ever before, digital platforms like video-on-demand (VOD) should be an essential part of any marketing plan-- whether you’re an offline or online advertiser. With enhanced interactivity and more granular measurement, creative use of VOD can help amplify a campaign and help define ways to optimise it through the learnings obtained from VOD testing.

Get ideas about how to bring your brand to life with the latest in VOD. Whether you’re a TV advertiser looking to experiment with ways VOD’s digital capabilities can expand your reach and engagement or a digital advertiser looking to better connect when people are in their living rooms, join us for a thought-provoking seminar exploring this medium.

9.30am: Tremor and the IAB Incremental Reach research

The launch of new research by Tremor Video and the IAB, which demonstrates that VOD advertising heightens reach, unaided brand awareness and message association when added to a TV campaign. A case study concerning UK insurer Aviva will be highlighted.

Doron Wesly, Senior Director of Market Strategy, Tremor Video 

Maurico Leon, commercial director, Performics

Simon Nudds, director of UK media analytics, Nielsen

10.00am: REACH A.D. – Video Solutions for a Post-Reach World:

John Tigg dives into the world of Video on Demand, exploring optimal frequency, the balance between VOD and TV and how to provide and measure the right approach for advertisers. As the conversation and focus moves on from 1990s TV metrics, John suggests that the effectiveness of VOD lies in more than just simple reach. 

John Tigg, VP Commercial Products, EMEA, Videology

10.20am: The Volatile State of Convergence: Finding the Digital Sweet Spot

Today's hyper-connected consumers no longer distinguish between one screen or device. They look for convenience and quality; and may the best screen win. Simultaneous, often continuous switching among screens has created a huge challenge (and opportunity) for marketers.

At the heart of the storm is video – which can elicit the same emotion whether viewed on a pocket-sized screen on the go or the largest on the wall. Through video, we laugh, cry, are enticed to buy, and are inspired to share with friends and strangers.

So, as video becomes increasingly channel-agnostic, how do we achieve cross media engagement? How can we build a fused strategy in a volatile landscape? How do we measure beyond quantifiable metrics and refocus on the qualitative and social side of video? DG’s Dean Donaldson will help you spot the trends, find cohesion, and prepare for explosive growth in next-generation converged video.

Dean Donaldson, Global Head of Innovation, DG

10.40am: ‘Advertising on Demand’

Combining digital delivery and big screen execution, this session will explore how Virgin’s next generation TV service TiVo is bringing interactivity and engagement to the living room. 

James Cornish, Sales Director &  Ross Robertson, Group Controller, Virgin Media 

11.00am: Naomi Harston, YouTube London

Demand more from Video: Rationalising VOD campaigns by incremental reach vs. TV and cost per point is now commonplace and rightly so. Though to only look at Video accountability in this way is to do the platform a disservice. Advertisers with considered video strategy are embracing the opportunities technology can bring cross-screen to their brand in terms of both creativity and audience.

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