Research Breakfast - April

Wednesday, 24 April, 2013
8.45am Registration, 9.00am-10am event
IAB Offices, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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Join us at our second research breakfast of the year where we will be giving our IAB members the chance to catch up on any recent pieces of IAB and members research. 

Presentations from: 

Dan Kent-Smith, Research Consultant, Linkedin.

As people, we’re acutely aware that we behave differently depending on where we are and who we are with. The Mindset Divide, an in-depth research study that LinkedIn has undertaken with TNS, proves the same distinction exists within social media as well. People occupy very different mindsets when using professional networks than when engaged with their personal ones. If marketers are to make more effective use of social media, they must tailor their strategies to the very different roles that these networks perform – and the very different emotions that people feel when using them.

MediaSenses Tablets: Redefining Consumer Experiences

Presented by Kirstine McFeat  - Yahoo! UK Trade Research Manager, 

As a nation, the UK is media and technology obsessed with over half of the population using two devices to connect and 30% using three or more devices to get online – four times higher than the European average* Join Yahoo! as we share findings from ‘MediaSenses’, a study exploring the disruptive impact tablets are having on consumer media experiences and the emerging opportunities for advertisers. Tablets are quickly becoming a daily habit device. Consumers love the ability to touch, hear and see everything this device has to offer and maximising how this device interplays with other media. From the browsing renaissance, to the video and shopping (t-commerce) nuance, this research is not to be missed for anyone serious about how to maximise connecting with consumers through tablet.

*IAB Europe Mediascope 2012 x28 EU countries

eBuzzing Social 

Toyota were launching their GT86 car model and came to Ebuzzing to maximise the views of their 90 second 'The Real Deal' video, generate conversation and sharing and to measure brand awareness and purchase intent in the UK and France. During the campaign, Ebuzzing also partnered with Millward Brown to analyse the effectiveness of the video ad compared to previous video campaigns. 

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