Leadership Summit

We ran our second Leadership Summit from Tuesday 2 May to Thursday 4 May at Sopwell House, St. Albans.

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Amanda Morrissey
Publicis Media
Chad Warner
McCann London
David Pemsel
Guardian News and Media
Henry Rowe
Hugh Pile
Iain Bourne
UK Information Commissioner's Office
Ian James
Verve Mobile
Jenny Biggam
Jimmy Wales
Fandom & Wikipedia
Josh Krichefski
MediaCom UK
Joy Bhattacharya
Accenture Interactive
Lauren Dick
Lawrence Weber
Mok O’Keeffe
The Innovation Beehive
Nick Manning
Paul Frampton
Havas Media Group UK & Ireland
Pete Cory
Google UK
Piers North
Trinity Mirror
Ruth Boardman
Bird & Bird
Vicky Pryce
Wayne Brown
Valenstein and Fatt (formerly Grey)

Tuesday 2nd May

1.30pm Registration and buffet lunch in the fine dining restaurant

2.30pm Welcome from the IAB (St Albans Suite)

Richard Eyre, Chairman, IAB UK

Afternoon hosted by: Alex Kozloff, COO, IAB UK

2.40pm Looking forward to what success might look like in 2020

An analysis of today’s media landscape and key market trends. Data and research to help inform what the media buying and selling market might look like in 2020. What do media owners need to prepare for? How might media agencies look? What could the influence be of technology and consultancy businesses?

Henry Rowe, Managing Director, Theorem

3.00pm Ads work best when they are made for platform... now prove it

Pete Cory, Agency Sales Director at Google will examine the trend toward mobile video viewing, what we've learnt about the impact this is having on effective advertising and the best practices we're seeing. Candice Juniper, Head of Social & Emerging Platforms at AMV will then explain the necessity for made for platform creativity and focus on a partnership with Google that set out to prove the value of made for digital creative versus simply using TV executions online.  Together, we have completed three major campaign experiments for leading brands PepsiCo, BT &  Hewlett Packard.  In each case, a made for digital spot was run alongside a standard spot and the effectiveness measured and compared. Candice will share some key findings and explain how this partnership has changed AMV's internal processes accordingly.

Pete Cory, Agency Director, Google

Candice Juniper, Head of Social & Emerging Platforms, AMV BBDO

3.30pm Today is the most creative day in the world

Chad Warner, Integrated Creative Director at McCann London, shares his view on how with every day that passes we have more creative opportunity than we’ve ever had – if we can stop looking backwards. Using McCann’s Survival Billboard, the most awarded UK work in 2016, and a couple other examples, his presentation promises to be a passionate, honest, whirl-wind pep talk on Creativity today.

Chad Warner, Integrated Creative Director, McCann London

3.50pm Break

4.25pm Townhalls

  • How can the industry prepare for Brexit?

Brexit has thrown up some challenges and opportunities the digital advertising industry. What are the industry’s priorities for a new relationship between the UK and the EU, both as they relate to Article 50 negotiations and the UK’s future role in the world?

  • How do we fund mobile? 

People spend the majority of their online time using devices, but the industry has struggled to monetise the mobile opportunity at the same rate.  What can publishers and networks can do to unlock the value of mobile in the future?

  • How can the industry create greater trust? 

Trust in advertising is at an all time low. Why is this and what can the industry do to improve our image?

  • How do we best measure digitals effectiveness? 

Understanding what impact your digital advertising had on those that saw it is imperative to digital’s success. How can we, as an industry, work together to solve the current issues around measuring the performance and effectiveness of digital advertising?

  • How do we accelerate creativity in digital? 

In the past digital was a repurposed afterthought, now agencies are increasingly pushed to focus on margin. How do we drive valuable and effective creative in digital?

5.25pm Keynote and fireside chat: The power of the fan: How to win the new core consumer

From Wikipedia to Fandom, the key to connecting with a mass scale audience is authentically engaging fans. Fans are today’s tastemakers. They’re the trusted voice of knowledge, the core consumers and the evangelists. Jimmy Wales will discuss this critical audience, effective online advertising, the importance of quality content and a multi-platform experience, and what he sees as the future of the internet.  

Jimmy Wales, Co-founder, Fandom; Founder, Wikipedia

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

5.55pm Thanks and POA for the evening

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

6.00pm Drinks on the lawn (weather permitting)

7.00pm Dinner (BBQ weather permitting)

10.00pm Finish

Wednesday 3rd May

7.00am Breakfast

8.45am Conference starts 

9.00am IAB Introduction to the Day

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

Morning hosted by: James Chandler, CMO, IAB UK

9.10am Media is Dead.  Long Live Media.

L’Oreal have always been a big spender in traditional media, but has the changing ecosystem transformed their approach to advertising and marketing?   Hugh Pile, CMO Western Europe, will analyse how L’Oreal has evolved its marketing model, but also how this must be built on strong consumer connection, and even cultural change.

Hugh Pile, Chief Marketing Officer, Western Europe, L’Oreal

9.30am What do advertisers really think about online advertising and how it can deliver its promises?

Ebiquity has conducted global research into advertisers’ experience of online advertising, the good and the less favourable. This section will look at the results of that research and lead into a discussion about how our industry can address advertiser experience and make online advertising work harder.

Nick Manning, Chief Strategy Officer, Ebiquity

9.50am Panel session: Can agencies steer their clients into the digital future?

Under pressure on trust issues and threatened by new players with alternative skills and fit-for-purpose business models, do agencies need to reinvent themselves to play a role in steering their clients into the digital future?

Dominic Mills, Journalist, MediaTel columnist and former Campaign Editor

Jenny Biggam, Co-founder, the7stars

Josh Krichefski, CEO, UK, MediaCom

Amanda Morrissey, UK CEO, Publicis Media

10.20am Assisted Creativity: How to work with, not against our technology future

Creativity and Technology have an uneven and sometimes uneasy relationship. For every example of the happy collision between emerging technology and brand communications, there are stories of technology removing human decision making or Creatives not embracing the help and inspiration that Technology can bring.

We will talk about the power of bringing Tech and Creativity together, and about what the future looks like when we bring Artificial Intelligence into businesses as a way to help make the work we do better, not just to remove cost and speed up delivery. The future lies in bringing the best of human creative thinking together with the systems and technology to make assisted creativity happen at scale.

Joy Bhattacharya, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive Lead, UKI

Lawrence Weber, Managing Partner, Innovation, Karmarama

10.40am Fireside chat: Creative mobile partnerships to connect people, places and purpose

Undoubtedly the mobile device is the primary tool which connects people, places and purpose. We exist in a hybrid digital world, whereby the mobile consumer is constantly building a list of demands for both advertisers and publishers to adhere to. Every single mobile device is part of every single consumer’s persona – their connection to the outside world; their bridge from digital to physical. Suitably, mobile consumers are willing to share data about themselves, as long as they trust how their data is being used. This openness offers untapped potential to improve mobile consumer experiences; the opportunity to reduce the marketing turn-off factors and dial up the wow moments. It lie’s within the collaboration between the multiple touchpoints across the mobile landscape; from consumer to app, from publisher to device, from device to retailer.  The once crowded lumscape, now resembles something more alongside the lines of a migraine, with each platform competing for the mobile dominance. It seems obvious - rather than work in silo, we need to collaborate and build creative partnerships to join the dots between people, places and purpose. Ian James, General Manager, International at Verve will be joined by industry leaders from the digital landscape to discuss how we build creative partnerships in the bid to succeed in mobile. From location derived intelligence, data insights and behavioural targeting, through to creative execution and innovations; let’s work together to build a better future for mobile.

Ian James, General Manager, International, Verve

Wayne Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Grey Creative Agency

Lauren Dick, Head of Emerging Platforms, Mail Online

 11.00am Break

 11.30am Townhalls

  • How can the industry prepare for Brexit? 
  • How do we fund mobile? 
  • How can the industry create greater trust?
  • How do we best measure digitals effectiveness? 
  • How do we accelerate creativity in digital? 

12.25pm Lunch in the fine dining restaurant

Afternoon hosted by: Tim Elkington, CDO, IAB UK

1.30pm Building trust in a post-truth world

David Pemsel, CEO of Guardian Media Group, will explore how, in an ad market which is being continually eroded, within the post-truth world, the Guardian’s high quality news environment and strategy of building deep reader relationships will enable it to maintain the trust of readers and advertisers. Against the backdrop of a dramatic move to programmatic he will explore the challenge posed by the existing model and how publishers can fight back against disintermediation.

David Pemsel, CEO, Guardian Media Group

1.50pm Why digital means we all have to be curators

Why did an obscure word from the museum and art worlds become the Internet's buzzword du jour? Curation has become a ubiquitous but often little understood concept. But beyond the hype, from the cutting edge retailers to the frontiers of machine learning, curation is an essential business and media strategy for an overloaded world. 

Michael Bhaskar, Author

2.10pm Brexit: Meeting the future with confidence

Alison Griffiths had a senior role in the campaign for the UK to stay IN the European Union. Now, with Article 50 triggered, and the countdown to Brexit underway, she explains exactly why this industry has every reason to meet the future with confidence.

Alison Griffiths

2.30pm Fireside chat: Data Privacy Regulation – scourge or saviour?

Iain and Yves will discuss the data privacy challenges and opportunities, the evolving data privacy landscape including GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation in relation to digital advertising, as well as the future of this environment and the role of ICO in a post-Brexit world.

Iain Bourne, Group Manager (Parliament and Government Affairs) UK Information Commissioner's Officer, ICO

Yves Schwarzbart, IAB UK

3.00pm Break in the St Albans Foyer

3.45pm Townhalls

  • How can the industry prepare for Brexit? 
  • How do we fund mobile?
  • How can the industry create greater trust?
  • How do we best measure digitals effectiveness?
  • How do we accelerate creativity in digital?

4.40pm The Must Bees of Innovation Culture

At www.innovationbeehive.com, MOK has visited and worked with some of the most innovative and creative organisations on the planet; from IKEA to Google, from Timpsons to The Four Seasons, he has observed replicable pattern of behaviour have created a sustainable culture of Innovation in each business.  MOK has called these The Six Must Bees of Innovation Culture. In an engaging and high energy speech he will share them with you.  You will leave his session with tangible examples of what you can do to impact innovation in your business and inspired to make the necessary changes.

Mok O’Keeffe, Founder, The Innovation Beehive

5.00pm Strategies in a period of uncertainty- challenges of an increasingly fluid and digitalising world economy

Geo-political uncertainty, the impact of increased protectionism on world growth , the rise of European populism that may threaten the path of globalisation, new attempts to deal with multinational firms' tax affairs in a concerted way that might affect company location and foreign direct investment and the prospect of increased privacy regulation in data analytics are all examples of uncertainties s companies need to face.Being on top of facts and economic trends and government policy in different countries therefore a must as markets all need different approaches - though digital developments with increased data analytics make targeting easier. Whether new EU privacy regulation will make life more difficult in this respect remains to be seen. Marketing therefore still essential- even more so given the numerous outlets that exist for brand building but wrong associations /messages and less than defensible actions spread wise and easily and reputations/access to markets can be destroyed overnight.

Vicky Pryce, Economist, Author, Commentator

5.30pm Thanks and POA for the evening

6.45pm  Guest drinks

7.45pm Sit down for dinner

7.50pm Welcome

Richard Eyre, CBE, Chairman, IAB UK

8.00pm Dinner

9.30pm The Karaoke Band

10.30pm After party drinks the Cocktail Lounge

Thursday 4th May

7.00 am Breakfast

9.30am Welcome to the Leading for Innovation Workshop 

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

This workshop will explore what Leading for Innovation means in our Industry.  Following on from his speech on The Must Bees of Innovation Culture, MOK will share what leaders such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson do to encourage, enforce, enable and make innovation inevitable.  We will then hear from a Panel of Industry Leaders who will discuss how they create a culture of innovation in their businesses, before we have an opportunity to hear from our Members of best practices they have observed or implemented.

9.40am Encourage, enforce, enable and make innovation inevitable. 

Mok O’Keeffe, Founder, The Innovation Beehive

9.50am Panel: Creating a culture of innovation

Paul Frampton, UK CEO, Havas Media Group

Ravleen Beeston, Head of Sales, Microsoft Bing UK

Piers North, Strategy Director, Trinity Mirror

Isabel Massey, Head of Media and Futures, Diageo Europe

10.25am Break

10.40 am Best practices workshop

11.30 Thanks and goodbye

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB UK

11.35am Packed lunches and departure