Creative Showcase

Thursday, 9 December, 2010
12.45pm - 2.30pm
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We will be hearing presentations from the top agencies, giving us an insight into their winning campaigns.

September’s winner was the 'Credit Made Clearer' campaign by AMV BBDO for Capitol One which showed a pioneering series of 11 animated interlinking interactive online films hosted on Youtube, MSN Money, Yahoo finance and Each film based on a credit hot topic, ranging from ‘Credit, what is it?’ to ‘Understanding Interest and APR’, uses fun and humour to bring these notoriously dull topics to life.

The winner for October was Glue Isobar’s campaign "Get Your Energy Back" for the new Toyota Auris Hybrid - a car which recycles its energy while it drives. By creating a one of a kind projection-mapping animation, focused entirely on the car, its bodywork ‘appeared’ to transform and after revealing its inner hybrid energy, it ‘energised’ the environment, before the energy was sucked back in.

November’s winner was Profero’s campaign ‘MINI World Record’. Tasked with engaging one million people with the MINI Countryman - the new, spacious 4-door model from the iconic British car brand - they challenged the British public to help smash the world record for the number of people squeezed into one of their cars.....but digitally.

Come along to the Creative Showcase and take a look into what made these campaigns stand out from the crowd.