Championing Education in Digital

Tuesday, 28 February, 2017
Registration 9.00am; event 9.30am-11.50am
IAB Training & Events Space, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
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Implementing effective training to meet individual and company objectives.

With the pace of change in the digital advertising industry at an all time high, it is imperative that media owners, agencies and brands keep their knowledge up to date and invest in their teams expertise. High quality relevant training is an important part of helping individuals and subsequently the organisations they work for meet their objectives. This seminar will examine how training benefits businesses, what good training looks like and measuring ROI. 

Christine Olivier
Squared Online (a Google/Avado partnership)
Debbie Taylor
Natasha Morris
Publicis Media - Data, Technology & Innovation
Sarah Logan
Google Digital Academy, EMEA

9.00     Registration

9.30     Welcome from the IAB

Flossie Draper, Senior Programmes Executive, IAB UK

9.40     Creating a Talent Revolution

The need to keep pace with consumer expectation has never been greater, however according to recent research from the Boston Consulting Group, the marketing industry is facing some genuine headwinds in terms of both perceived expertise and investment in the capabilities required to do this. In this session we'll explore these findings further and review some of the barriers and potential solutions to help move the industry forward.

Sarah Logan, Head of Marketing & Industry Partnerships, Google Digital Academy, EMEA

9.55     Digital upskilling at scale: An effective learning approach

To keep up with the relentless changes in digital, the challenge is to deliver a training programme that not only teaches digital topics, but also equips learners with the behaviours and skills to develop a new digital mindset to challenge the norm and drive this change. In this session we’ll look at a learning model that addresses this need, at scale, to effectively help companies to attract and retain the right talent.

Christine Olivier, Global Learning Director, Squared Online (a Google/Avado partnership)

10.10  Proving your digital education benefited your business is easier than you'd think

Rarely is any business-need achieved purely by L&D investment – but you can often show a sizeable contribution.  You need to think about evaluation of your digital learning before it starts, and not everything should be evaluated.  There are four levels of evaluation: Reaction, Learning, Behaviour, and Results (ROI) and simple ways to prove learning has contributed to your business at each. This session will examine these issues and illustrate why you should concentrate on Behaviour and Results.

Gwyn March, CPD Consultant, IPA

 10.30 Break

10.50  Effective Learning: Cultivating Talent in Programmatic Buying

Publicis Media will discuss how the instructional design application process utilised by the Global Learning Strategy team builds effective and engaging eLearning content and their proven strategies for effective deployment across a global scale. We’ll visit how this process has improved training adoption in a fast paced environment and top tips for success.

Natasha Morris, Director, Global Learning Strategy in Data, Technology & Innovation, Publicis Media

11.10 Choosing the right training

In todays’ fast past and ever changing environment there are a myriad of options available to you when you start to look at what’s best for you and your team in terms of choosing the right training and specifically digital training. What we believe are the most important things to consider when choosing training are the following:

• Standardisation of curriculum

• Multi-channel delivery

• Globalisation, Localisation & Translations

• Customisation

• Certification and Accreditation

In this session, we will walk through each of these topics and why they are so important and how to make sure you are covering all of them when choosing the right training for you!

Debbie Taylor, Strategic Partnership & Certification Lead, EMEA, MediaMath

 11.30   Close

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