Brand Forum

Thursday, 8 August, 2013
1.00pm registration & Lunch,1.30pm - 5.00pm followed by drinks
IAB Offices, 14 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NF
IAB Member: £99 +VAT
IAB Non-member: £199 +VAT
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With ever-increasing technical capabilities in social, mobile and video, there’s never been a more exciting time for brands to engage audiences and achieve measurable results through digital media. Exciting times can make for complex conversations, however. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities inherent with today’s technology and stay up to speed with all the latest in digital.

Fortunately, you can get all the info you need at our brand forum. Specifically geared for the challenges facing brand advertisers, we’ll explore the latest in social media, mobile platforms and video, all while discussing future trends that will help any brand advertiser boost their business, not just today but in the long-term. 

  •  1.35pm IAB

IAB will be launching the results of our research that aims to understand more about how brand advertising decisions are made and the perceptions that brand advertisers have around digital advertising. The project also aims to identify what the digital industry can do to highlight advertising opportunities to brands and agencies.

Tim Elkington, Director of Research & Strategy, IAB

  • 1.50pm Martini Media - 2013 UK Digital Brand Study

Martini Media will giving the audience a great understanding of how their peers will be leveraging digital marketing.

Tom O'Regan, CRO & President, Martini Media 

  • 2.10pm: Making Content Count

Well crafted content is undeniably powerful for brands. But how do brands make that piece of video content engaging, immersive, and keep the consumer coming back for more? With no formula to guarantee a piece of content's shareability - there are nevertheless steps a brand can take to ensure their content has the best chance possible to resonate with their target audience.

Seb Royce, Rockabox

  • 2.30pm: Break
  • 2.50pm Does Size Matter When Advertising?
    By size we mean screen size. YuMe and Decipher launched a UK multi-screen study to help media planners and publishers better understand consumer media consumption. What matters more: screen size, location, or content? Listen in to learn more

Paul Lyonette, Sales Director, Europe

  • 3.10pm News UK – (formally News International)

Hamish will be talking about the rationale and detail behind the launch of Sun+, the new paid-for entertainment package from The Sun which includes access to exclusive premiership highlights, sun website, tablet and smartphone editions

Hamish White, Head of Emerging Platforms

  • 3.30pm: Generation Y and Brand Loyalty
    What makes brands appeal to Generation Y?  What values do they want these brands to portray? Who and what influences their brand choices, and what are their attitudes to advertising?
    Featuring interviews, insights and some forthright opinions, a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 16 to 34 year olds answer these questions and more.

Dan McDevitt, Digital Media & Marketing Specialist, W00t Media

  • 3.50pm Break
  • 4.10pm Lynx Chaos Island 

The case study is a great example of a multi-platform digital campaign that created a seamless user journey. It was initiated on Twitter but incorporated other social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr as well as mobile and video elements. It also incorporated an accelerometer-controlled YouTube masthead game.

Chris Buckley, Director of Social Engagement, TMW

  • 4.30pm The Baby Centre

The 2013 Social Mum Report
In a joint study with comScore, BabyCentre reveals that Mums’ social media usage is at an all-time high. In fact, social media is so much a part of a mum’s life that checking her various social platforms comes before enjoying her first cup of coffee in the morning. Find out how social media powers mums lives, and ways to connect with the most influential consumer you’ll ever meet.

Roz Stoyel, UK Sales Director,

  • 4.50pm Q&A
  • 5.00pm: Close & drinks 


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