April 2017

02/05/2017 to 04/05/2017
We're running our highly successful Leadership Summit again in 2017 from Tuesday 2 May to Thursday 4 May at Sopwell House, St. Albans. 
More and more people are overlooking travel agents and flocking straight to the internet to book their holidays.
If you want attribution to be explained to you in a clear and simple way, this event will be for you.
Come along to our second Research Breakfast of the year where IAB members will be sharing their latest industry research on an array of subjects.
At our Marketing to Audiences seminar, our speakers will showcase their latest research and case studies, giving real insights into their successful strategies.
A one-day course for advertising sales professionals who require a foundation to intermediate course in the digital creative solutions sales.
Publishers, brands and agencies alike will gather at the IAB’s 4th Content and Native Conference to discuss how this new era of display advertising is creating both...
This workshop draws upon the experts from the IAB’s Display Trading Council to explain and demonstrate the basics every publisher needs to know around quality considerati
Speakers will showcase the latest developments in O2O, demonstrating the opportunities and challenges as customers move between the online and physical shopping environment...
Last year mobile reached a tipping point. More money was spent on mobile display advertising than on desktop. This is a huge shift, and a trend that isn’t going to slow...
Getting the basics right is essential in digital marketing and Ad Ops represents the front line in ensuring that campaigns execute smoothly from start to finish.
Search is going through a renaissance. It is the ever-present companion to users, and brands need to be ready to react 24/7. 
Join us for 'Sound Investment' where the IAB Audio Council will bring you the latest developments and offerings in online audio.
Digital marketing has always been a key communications tool for the entertainment industry and with so many platforms on offer, it can be used to create an effective and...
Speakers will take the stand to present their attribution models to a panel of industry expert judges. The pros and cons of each will be revealed during cross- examination...
One of the most important parts of any digital campaigns is the creative. Get the message right and the results will speak for themselves.
The explosion of smartphones has opened up an entirely new, and exciting, set of data points. Understanding how, and when, to use these data points is key to successfully...
Hear from the movers and shakers in the social media industry, showing delegates how to use social media to wow your audiences and connect with consumers.
The way we bank nowadays has transformed massively over the last few years. Digital has made everything quicker and easier. How are they keeping up with each other?
Digital - when working on it’s own it is a pretty persuasive marketing tool, but when you partner it with other channels, the results can be really powerful.
With input from the experts of the IAB’s Display Trading Council, we’ll be putting together a workshop on the advanced techniques available for publishers and the best wa
We’ve seen from our own numbers that video spend has seen a massive spike in spend over the past 3 years. This growth is in no small part down to Innovation in the video...
12/09/2017 to 19/09/2017
The IAB Digital Marketing Essentials Course is a two-day course and the only one you need to understand all the basics about digital!
13/09/2017 to 14/09/2017
They are: Research Now, MainAd, Flashtalking
Come along to our Research Breakfast where IAB members will be sharing their latest industry research on an array of subjects.
Location is arguably what sets mobile apart from other forms of media, and is something which brands and agencies should be excited about.
Our Advanced Ad Ops Workshop is for seasoned operations staff who know their way around an ad server and analyse discrepancies for breakfast.
At this seminar speakers will give advice on how to best utilise great creative across a variety of digital channels.
Digital is the newest frontier in the world of marketing, and yet is already the most important media channel for the average UK advertiser. 
At this seminar, we will aim to update delegates on the most recent developments, and delve deeper into topics like header bidding, data management and brand safety. 
This course will give delegates the knowledge and skills to sell digital display advertising.
Consumer goods is still the number one spender in display advertising, accounting for 18.3% (IAB / PwC UK Digital Adspend Study – H1 2016)
Come along to our Research Breakfast where IAB members will be sharing their latest industry research on an array of subjects.
The course will give delegates the skills and knowledge to understand marketing needs beyond display advertising and how brands can use content and other creative solutio
‘Creativity’ is a word often thrown around in the digital advertising industry. The tools that digital advertising offers, gives brands almost endless possibilities when it...
You’ll hear from industry experts talking about the tools available to reach and wow your audiences, as well the things to look out for to future proof your video strategy.
As programmatic on mobile firmly establishes itself as both an effective and efficient way of buying and selling mobile inventory it’s never been more important to...
Our speakers will look into the crystal ball and give you future insights on great creativity and what exciting things can be accomplished in digital advertising.