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Entered in August 2013
Won First place
Brand Baby Cow Productions and BBC Worldwide

To promote the new Alan Partridge movie, Baby Cow (Steve Coogan's production company) and BBC Worldwide briefed us to create the official Partridge iPhone app.

Our idea was Radio Alan - an app that recreates the experience of listening to Alan Partridge's ACTUAL radio show on North Norfolk Digital.

The app takes audio clips of Alan broadcasting on the radio and plays them interspersed with songs from YOUR iTunes library. This creates the effect that you're listening live to Alan's Mid Morning Matters radio show.

Making it smarter:

As Partridge fans will know, Alan often introduces songs on the radio in his own inimitable style...

"Keep your clubs away from his young, it's Seal"

The app would recognise if you had any of the songs he mentions in your iTunes library and play that track next.

Alan would also scan your iTunes library and give you a % score based on how much he liked you music taste. This could then be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

People could watch the Alpha Papa trailer within the app and book tickets to the next showing at their nearest cinema. We also encouraged people to buy Partridge DVDs from the BBC Worldwide store on iTunes and Amazon.

The results

Radio Alan was #1 in the App Store for over a week. It received great coverage in The Guardian, Sunday Times, The Metro and many more and got lots of love on Twitter!

Listen to the work here:

Baby Cow Productions and BBC Worldwide
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August, 2013