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The IAB’s Membership Manager, Polly Raven, highlights how IAB membership can be effectively utilised across the entire organisation.

A common question I get asked is ‘what is the limit to staff accessing IAB membership?’ The answer always comes as a surprise. All employees working within a member company can gain access to IAB resources, no matter how large or small the business, and no matter of the seniority of the individuals within it. Unlike other trade organisations, there’s no cap on the number of employees who can register for important updates, access exclusive content like research, and get discounts on IAB events and training courses. So why not show you care, and share?

Here I outline a few specific resources I think your colleagues in other departments will find useful, from associates right up to senior management. 


Being ‘the new starter’ in an industry as complex and ever-evolving as ours can be a daunting prospect. For graduates new to full-time employment, or those from more traditional media backgrounds dipping their toes into digital, the IAB provides practical, hands-on training workshops and CPD accredited courses to up-skill individuals and ensure they are up to speed with the latest developments. Adding to this, the IAB Jargon Buster is a quick go-to tool for anyone left scratching their head over industry terms and abbreviations like ‘arbitrage’ and ‘CTI’.

The newly launched Q&A section on aims to demystify complex issues and get to the bones of matters facing digital advertising like ad fraud, brand safety and viewability. Equally, the IAB’s Youtube channel is a resource not only aimed at associates but for all personnel hungry for bitesize learning guides on current trends – even those who’ve been in the industry a while and simply want a recap. Finally, the Policy Focus and Mobile email newsletters help members get straight to the heart of the matter by highlighting the important stuff in manageable chunks.


Contrary to belief, marketing isn’t the only department in which senior personnel put good use to IAB resources. It’s been said already that the training arm provides new opportunities to keep skills sharp, and frequently we see HR professionals keep up to date by visiting our handy training calendar. Bespoke courses are also an option for more specific requirements. Finance and planning strategists forecasting for growth and benchmarking their company’s performance can keep the IAB research library at hand for useful stats within reports like the IAB PwC Digital Adspend piece, for example. Of course, senior marketing experts aren’t the only people who have the privilege of contributing as speakers at IAB conferences, and the recent annual IAB Leadership Summit is no exception given the varied range of talent. Exclusive or not, all IAB events allocate ample time and space for peer to peer networking to take place; a valuable way to make new contacts, reconnect with old and share ideas.

With this in mind, PR professionals are always interested in corporate image so there’s also every opportunity to share things like case studies, independent research or thought leadership within the IAB’s online publishing arm. We want to share the great ways digital can reach and wow people but for technologists working behind the scenes sometimes the first port of call is to explain the tough stuff. Educational handbooks and premium council viewpoint documents are aimed to do just that, so why not sign up to an industry council to provide senior representation for your company.

So, want to make the most of your membership? Share, share, share. It’s the best way to ensure use of the benefits are maximised as personnel from all departments and seniority levels will have unique requirements for use. It’s quick, free, and easy to register by clicking here.

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