Content & Native

The Content & Native Council (CNC) is made up of members drawn from a wide sphere of the IAB's membership reflecting the deep and integral role of content within digital advertising and marketing.

The definition of Native Advertising occupies much industry discussion and debate. It is has been applied to many types of ad format and media owner revenue streams, and variously includes scale and programmatically-driven ad formats such as recommendation and curation engines, as well as advertorial and sponsored advertising. A key part of the council's work has been to create a definitions framework which is continually reviewed.

Another feature of Native Advertising that is sometimes highlighted, is that Native enables advertising to blend seamlessly with surrounding editorial suggesting that advertising messages may be disguised as independent editorial. This is not the case and the industry works closely together to ensure that clear and transparent labelling is the hallmark of good practice. The Council's active Policy initiative in tandem with the IAB's Regulatory Affairs Council to produce strong guidance for advertisers and publishers when deploying native and content-based advertising, is another major work stream for the CNC Council.

If you are interested in joining the Content and Native Council please contact Catherine Cribbin or Mike Reynolds